Tuesday, 23 July 2013

8 Years Ago Today....

I became a Mrs.  Quite simply, I am one lucky lady to have found my Prince so young at 24.  I know I don't tell him often enough, I know I'm a nag, I know I am a tad OCD like Monica from friends, but he still married me.  On that day, he told me I 'looked like a real lady' and we vowed in front of God, our family and friends to be together forever.  Sorry, I'm a true romantic and today it's taken over my blog!  Happy Anniversary to my fantastic husband.x

He should have realised then that the hand on the hip was a permanent fixture....

How gorgeous were my bridesmaids?

LOVE that tiara - Princess!

The look of love
And just as I'm about to sit down to make him watch my film choice of 'Did You Hear About The Morgans', the gifts from today are lace and pottery themed for 8 years and the specific flower.

Now before the 'love' turns into a row, I must down tools and watch this film (and wrap the teachers presents, a woman's work is never done....) Night all x


  1. WOW, check you out!

  2. Oh my - you look stunning. And guess what - I was a maid of honour in a dress (well actually bustier and skirt) in the same colour as your bridesmaids.

    May you both have many many more happy years together.

  3. I can't believe it's been 8 years, I remember crying as you walked down the stairs at your mum and dads because you looked so beautiful! And look at my little Megan, she looks so tiny, I still have her bridesmaid dress. Happy anniversary lovely couple xxx

  4. Natalie you were stunning! Your dress and bridesmaids dresses haven't dated one bit either, this was a major factor for me when picking mine, I wanted them to be classic! X

  5. Such beautiful photographs. Congratulations and many, many happy returns x

  6. You looked stunning! Congrats on 8 years and may there be many more to come. Lynne x

  7. Ah thank you everyone! Slush is over for another year now I promise, no more loveu dovey stuff!!! x


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