Wednesday, 12 June 2013

My Holiday

I've just had a lovely week off in southern Spain with my family. One of my favourite things about holidays is the fresh perspective on things for when I get home. I love switching off my mobile to the world and spending days catching up on magazines. Strangely enough it's always more about new beauty products when I'm away, it might be to do with the fact I'm in my bikini so clothes aren't really on my mind. So this break I've been thinking about eyebrow tattooing & lazer eye surgery (I don't do things by halves). If anyone's had either please share! I've had chicken pox scars near my brows since a kid so the hairs never grew back properly and as much as I love Benefits Brow Zings, I do enjoy a very simple daily routine. Not having to fuss about with them whilst on holiday has only highlighted that. I have terrible eye sight (-7) and when I was a kid wearing glasses it was more a vanity thing, but now I'm older the practicality of being as blind as a bat frustrates the hell out of me. Research commencing!

Since having my stint back into corporate life I have had to wear a whole new 'uniform' which has included a lot of 'tucking in'. I've never shied from the fact I've always found it easier to dress other people than myself, I tend to always put myself last (what Mummy doesn't right?) and rarely devote time to myself and my image. Being long waisted most of my tops just hang over bottoms but recently when needing a smarter look I've been tucking. I carried this through on holiday as I've enjoyed defining my waist with my look so did it with a longer tee I'd usually wear over jeans. I've given up trying to perfect that 'bloggers pose', this took my Dad 10+ shots (sorry Daddy!). It was hot and a messed up hair day but you get the gist!

Oh I wish I was back there now!

Was the end of the day, the face wasn't worth looking at!
Before we left we popped to Bicester Village to grabs the girls some new sandals from Clarks. I rarely manage to walk past my favourite shops and Temperley didn't disappoint. New beach/day/pram/light weight bag for £15 (I had to get all the pro's in there just to prove a point it was 'needed' to my husband). Even at the full price of £35 I think this was a bargain.

My bargain

Working the pram look

A holiday is not without it's dramas with kids, and ours of course had its very own in the form of a missing 'bun bun's'. My one year old's cherished blanket bunny whom she sleeps with on every occasion. I'll) set a brief scene, Puerto Benus market, Saturday, rammed, the time there was more upset from me, the sleepless nights ahead and the pure fact I know how much a teddy means to someone (I never gave up my ted....). Insisting the whole family trek up and down the narrow isles a final time, it was like that moment in 'Dogger' when he was found on a fete stall table. Luckily the lady was English otherwise the Spanish might have thought I was a woman possessed. And all in the name of searching for a pair of leather Spanish shoes that my Mum insisted on buying whilst we were there!

The infamous 'Bun bun's'

And where did we end up finding cheap leather Spanish shoes? Why a Spanish supermarket of course - where else?!? €30 for two pairs, I say no more.

Back to the UK, back to jeans - but at least I had new shoes!
Biege/taupe suede pumps
A 'boat shoe' (not so Granny in the flesh in case anyone was thinking that)
All leather, yes, I repeat, all leather
My Mum's were €19
Then I saw a very similar pair in Grazia for 3 times the price
This is the view we woke up to daily, divine. If you're after a peaceful location in southern Spain, I fully recommend this place. We'll certainly be going back, if only for the shoes!


  1. Great to have you back Natalie, although it pains me to read about anyone going in hols at the mo! But im sure you were well ready for it with your job at the minute. Love the white shorts form the first pic, and a Breton tee is perfect with them!

  2. Hi Natalie! Gorgeous outfits & I love the taupe shoes! Such a bargain too! Andrea x

  3. I am so jealous of those shoes - spitting jealous of you and them!

    So pleased you had a lovely holiday!


  4. Oh wow - bargainous shoes! Love Spain and the fact that they make shoes properly - lined in leather. Unlike the rubbish we get sold! Looks like an amazing holiday and hope it's recharged the batteries for the last few weeks of work. Ax

  5. Love the shoes. I had laser eye surgery (-5) and it was the best thing I ever did. No pain,no problems, and no contact lenses.

  6. I had the tiniest line tatto-ed on to the base of my eyelashes, it is basically invisible as she has a fairy touch, she is in Hungary though, I wouldn't touch UK as many are very heavy handed. My sis in law does 'health and beauty tourism' so she seeks out the best of everything in the world and for tattooing it is this lady in Budapest.

  7. Sounds like you had a fab time .. I had a similar experience some years ago when the favourite ted went missing ... NOT fun! Like you, we were lucky to find him. Love the shoes, especially the deck ones. Such bargains!

  8. Thank you all, full re-charged and came back ready to start my commute again for my last 4 weeks there. Yes Avril, so well made and lined - makes such a difference.
    Jenny - thank you, once my contract is over I'm devoting some research time to it. The more I hear about it, it's all positive.
    Thank you 'The Find', appreciate the tip.
    Helen - it could have ruined the holiday for me!!!

  9. You look like you have a pixie cut in the first pic!! xxx

  10. Amazing what a camera angle can do!!! x


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