Sunday, 9 June 2013

My New Coat

Hello to all my loyal readers and any new ones, welcome.  Thank you for dropping by again, I know it's been a while since I've posted.  Another 4 weeks left of my contract in London and after a lovely break in Spain (more on that in another post) I am playing catch up this week-end and drafting lots of posts.

If any of you remember, I was madly 'in love' with the above Zara coat.  For some reason (probably time if I'm honest) something stopped me from checking out with it in my basket.  I started to regret it when I saw the below in a magazine, thinking how much 'on trend' it was.  However, luckily the newly refurbished store opened in Knightsbride, phew, and I found it in the back corner of the shop.  I pushed the tourists out of the way as I saw my size (ruthless) and grabbed it to try on.  I wasn't allowed to take any photos but straight to the point, it wasn't worth writing home about.  It wasn't meant to be mine after all, I am a firm believer in fate.  For £99.99 I expect quiet a lot and it didn't deliver.  It was a very thin fabric, more an off white than a sharp fresh one, un-lined and literally hung at the back like a sack.  I am petite and I had seen it on a taller lady so  maybe I'm being a little harsh on the item but needless to say, I was pleased I hadn't wasted my time ordering it and having to return it by post.

I was even more happy as I had been naughty a few weeks earlier and sort of impulsively bought a Barbour.  Not to impulsive as that one had been on my wish list for over a year but in that I had about 10 minutes to commit with a no returns option (250 miles away from home in their outlet store and it was about to close!).  I had both my parents with me, both Barbour advocates and owners who insisted it was a timeless investment piece. It was £229 down to £129 and a Limited Edition Liberty print (Limited Edition always wins with me).  And to be fair to my folks, it was worn within 48 hours, which is always a good sign.  The quality is outstanding and I am pleased to say I was kept fully dry!  My only grumble is that I can't wash it - arrrgh, with two kids what on earth am I supposed to do with a dirty coat?  Any Barbour owners with advice, please do share!

Me trying to do a back shot!

Not exactly 'The Black Dress' that the hanger suggests

On that note, a friend of mine is on the look out for a Mac style coat.  I confess I am a bit of a coat collector (my husband fears it is over taking shoes but not handbags).  My Mac was bought from Tommy Hilfiger in Bicester Village a few years ago for £100, another amazing buy and fully washable!  The leather trims on the belts are all detachable.  Here are a few available on the high street now.

My Tommy coat

Classic style from M&S £45, simple black piped edging add's a little something extra

If you prefer a single breasted style, why not try this rose colour from Miss Selfridge £65

Asos do a great contrast sleeve style for £75

If you want to go darker, Gap have this navy option for £59.95

House of Fraser have a great range in, including this classic cropped version from Warehouse at £60


  1. Love the Barbour!!! And thanks for the tip on the Zara coat - it was on my sale wish lust! Xx

  2. Love the new coat - as far as I know you have to wax it. I had a Drizabone coat for years and every now and again, I had to sit down and wax it all over. It got rid of any marks and made it waterproof again! Enjoy wearing - hopefully you won't need to wear again for a few months. Lovely to hear from you again - have missed your posts, ax

  3. It might work differently on you Joanna as you have more height. If it was half price, might be a more appropriate price! x
    Thanks Avril, will look into the waxing then if it get's rid of marks, that's my main concern. Ah thank you, I've missed sharing. If I could write as I say in my head for my blog I'd be posting several times a day! x

  4. Love the Barbour and it's definitely an investment you won't regret. I've had a wax jacket for over 12 years now and it still looks like new and always keeps me dry. I think you're absolutely right about the Zara coat - the gorgeous yellow check one is also unlined at the back and I wonder how well it would hang on someone as small as me. I guess you've just answered that for me!

  5. I have an almost identical Barbour and with the same Liberty lining. Infact, I bought it purely for the lining. I have to say, I've not really felt the love for mine - the fit is just a little off on me and it's a shame because it's a lovely jacket and it was a Christmas pressie from the Grumps. But it's not earned it's keep so far.

    And with the Zara coat - some things were not meant to be. Ah well.

  6. Forgot to say - I've not had it done but you can send your jacket back to Barbour to have it re-proofed. I have no idea of the costs as mine is nowhere near mucky.

  7. Barbours and washing. In my neck of the woods, the muddier the better, even the more ripped the better!

    As Sue said you can send them back to the manufacturer to be patched/ repaired and re-proofed - but if they get mud on them, you can 'sponge' off using a damp cloth.

    I have a 25 year old model which has never been washed. Have just done sniff test on interior and smells - waxy! But not yucky, which is amazing now I think of it. Maybe they treat the fabric somehow?

    I think your parents were correct - it is a fab investment. :-)

  8. You won't regret the Barbour they go on forever (not so true of quite a lot of stuff from zara!)
    Where were you working did it go well? Was it a new store launch?!

  9. The barbour looks amazing. Definitely a great investment buy and something that I am sure you will wear for many years to come.

  10. What a great investment jacket, they're not really for me though as I live in the country I dear I may be taking country living a step too far, so I have drew the line at the hunter wellies. Great to have u back btw Natalie! Oh and love that Tommy Mac of yours. X

  11. ooooh you are seducing me with the macs - that Gap navy one is gorgeous.

  12. Yay! Thanks for all your tips/advice, don't feel so bad that I can't wash it now. Sorry Fiona, but everyone needs a mac!x


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