Sunday, 16 June 2013

H&M Work Wear

I've been meaning to update you on a few new key pieces I had to rush buy at the start of my contract in London.  Being near a large H&M has its benefits.  I grabbed a black blazer and a couple of dresses.  Originally a grey peplum style top with lace panels down the side also, however after one wash it was holed & swiftly returned.  

£34.99 H&M

How I've got by minus a black blazer before I'm not sure however should I have had more time, I definitely would have invested in a better quality one.  For £34.99 it is doing the job however the fabric is cheap and I've seen better on my travels. Sometimes it's boring having to buy staples such as this but when you end up 'needing' one ASAP its then that you realise some time needs to be spent on finding such an item. Saying that, the cut of it is very good and it fits well. I've also been a bit naughty and chucked it in a hand wash cycle and after a good iron (thanks Mum) it's still as new.

£34.99 H&M

I fell for this navy dress purely for the neckline.  I've been wearing the blazer over the top and with black tights and ankle boots.  I hate rush buying for an occasion like the black blazer, I always want to know the item will be worn again through the love of it. This was one of those items.  Again, the material on this isn't the best and has shrunk slightly however I will forgive it these flaws purely based on the neckline. I love the volume of the top half as this is where I can take it on my frame, then it just glides over where I can't!

Photo doesn't do it justice

I saved the best until last.  I saw this in the shop a few times before I tried it on, not sure why I didn't at first sight as I am fairly good at seeing something and knowing it will work for my body shape.  High necked works best for me and my smaller chest, the panelling helps highlight my waist and the full skirt skims over my widest part (hips) balancing out my frame. It has washed superbly and works as well with black tights for Winter as it does with bare legs for Summer. Every time I put it on it makes me feel amazing, held in without feeling uncomfortable and effortless, the way a good garment should make you feel. H&M please make more pieces like this, it's divine.

£34.99 H&M

Finally just a simple little number I grabbed recently in Zara in Spain.  It was either €20 or €30 and doesn't need ironing, yippee!  The concertina centre panelling helps elongate me, I need all the help I can get in the height department!  I've worn it with my black ankle length trousers, courts and a blazer.


  1. Natalie I am LOVING that second dress, it's amazing and reminds me of a VB number, or perhaps that's just testament to your modelling skills!

    Ps. Loving the fringe! X

  2. Both gorgeous dresses. I've tried on the navy one but put it back on the grounds that I don't need it - it doesn't fit in with my lifestyle that's all but if I was working - it would have been a definite. And how gorgeous a shape is the second one - super flattering. When H&M get it right, they really get it right don' they?

  3. Wow - you have such a great eye for a fab find. Those dresses are amazing! Especially love the cream one...stunning on you. x

  4. OH MY GOODNESS that navy dress and the cream is amazing - you are about to break me and my spending freeze ... how can I not buy those both?

    Blimey, you look absolutely fantastic!


  5. Oh Trea - I love you for saying that, been eyeing up VB's dresses but ever so slightly out of my budget!
    Agree Sue, when they are bad, they are bad, but these two dresses I am completely in love with.
    Thank you guys. Fiona - don't break it, get to your target, I did then felt better about what I did after (made up for lost time...!)

  6. Right - you're now hired to track me down a decent black blaser. Had one but it was so well worn (and looked it) so I threw it to make myself buy a new one - but haven't yet! Feel the same re H&M one not being the right kind of quality and haven't really had much time to look for a good one, so let me know any that you've seen. Though I've got a couple of steep months ahead so prob not be able to buy until September......booo to that! LOVE the cream dress, you look amazeballs xxx


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