Saturday, 4 May 2013

Some More Pink In My LIfe

Yipee the sun has been shining this week!  After a complete melt down thinking I'd lost my fashion mojo, I am pleased (unlike my husband) to report it has found me again, phew.  A trip to H&M Knightsbridge and I got me some business clobber, yes H&M really!  Amazing how much more you see in a store in the capital to others.  More in a future post.  Today I just wanted to share some colour  this week.

First it comes in the form of this Clarins Crystal Lip Balm £18 (I had a voucher, so £3.50 pour moi - bargain!).  I saw this in a magazine, and as a lip balm addict, thought I'd give it a try.  The colour is in the middle, with a clear balm around the edge.  You can make it as deep as you like.  I've been applying it like a normal lipstick first thing, then using the outer edge to moisten my lips through out the day.  I would highly recommend.

Shade Crystal Rose 05

Secondly I've been playing with belts this week (pants as always at having time to take a photo when I'm rushing out of the house) but I did manage to grab one today (although you can hardly see the belt and this took approx 10 attempts before the hubby got the hump so blame him).  My old faithful jeans are getting looser through wear and I fancied adding some pink to go with my blush pink sweater so added this patent leather slim belt.  I chose a deeper shade of pink to compliment the sweater, I like doing tonal colour pallets.  I've found another hole in my wardrobe - an animal print slim belt, so that's now on my list of 'needs' (!).

Scarf - Temperley, Panther print
Sweater - Tommy Hilfiger (TK Maxx)
Belt - Hobbs
Jeans - Topshop Baxter
Boots - Marks & Spencer Limited Collection

Just before I leave you all in peace to enjoy the bank holiday week-end, if any of you live near Amersham, please pop along to the lovely Coco Marie boutique on Tuesday evening.  They are holding this great event, and after a sneaky preview of their current stock, I predict the till to be busy busy busy that evening.


  1. Haha at the husband having a strop - we've been there too! That's a really interesting lipstick/balm - going to check it out next time I'm at the Clarins counter. Hope your busy first week went well - at least you're close to big H&M's now! Envious! Have a great long weeeknd, Ax

  2. Don't you love it when you find holes in your wardrobe? I become obsessed! Currently on the hunt for the perfect black skinny jegging, but could use a new jeans belt, too.

  3. Avril, it is going to be dangerous when the large Zara opens up....!
    Martha, let me know if you find some, my Gap ones have loosened to much in the wash, such a shame x


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