Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Business Attire - Where Do You Shop?

So I have a short term contract to help out an amazing store which has led me back to formal business clothing.  Having enough to get me through this week only, when possible I've been hunting down some new options.  I don't want to invest tons into this section of my wardrobe, as its not needed.  I am looking for a skirt, nothing to structured, a blazer and a few dresses, all items that can be worn again and dressed down when they aren't needed for business.  So far I've been into Topshop, Cos, Gap, H&M and Zara.  And I came out with nothing.  I feel my shopping ban has left me with no desire to shop (or so my husband is leading me to believe).  So in an effort to avoid that horrendous scene that we all have in the mornings where clothes fly everywhere, I've adopted the internet to save me.  With no crowds, time restrictions, trains to run for, children to run after, I think this is just going to have to work for me at the moment.  So here is what I've found but I'm yet to hit the order button!

Skirt - American Vintage £49.99 at Atterley Road (NB this would come up longer on me being short, have measured it!)

£35.99 Zara - now thinking a little too dressy

£25.99 Zara - my favourite so far in style, cut, price & ease of wear

£35.99 Zara - second favourite

£45.99 Zara - now thinking a little too dressy also

£17.99 Gap - I have these in the black and the fit is amazing

£27.99 Gap - the only reason I'm holding off is I missed out on an extra 20% off sale items the other day, so now feel like I'm being cheated if I pay this price (even though they are still reduced).  I want a comfy solid shoe to walk about in, rather than an un-structered ballet pump.  Not the most glamorous I know but needs must and I will have heels in my bag!

I nearly placed 8 dresses into my basket with Zara, with free delivery and returns it is very easy to do.   then thought some more into this.  Tights have to be worn for this contract but in my every day life, I prefer to go bare legged so that needs to be taken into consideration.  Now on to another long standing debate I regularly have with my husband.  I set myself a budget of £100 to try and kit myself out with a few pieces.  Should none of this fit and I not find anything, do I just buy what I like?  Had I done this previously, I may not be clutching at straws now in a blind panic that I have very little formal attire.  The coat below I fell in love with a while ago, I saw it on someone today, amazing.  I also love the yellow blazer.  It works great with denim and if it's not any brighter in the flesh, could look as good  with black trousers.  I just feel that the prices are so much to spend on one garment for myself (yet I so would advise others to!).  Do I just bite the bullet and order the lot in a vain hope or do I waste more time thinking?  I believe I have my answer!

£99.99 Zara

£69.99 Zara


  1. Like them all! Purchase! You deserve it after your self imposed ban x

  2. Great topic, and well timed...thanks for the inspiration. Usually I am in suits, but recently I have been trying to hunt down a smart look for the office, which is less formal. I have found a fitted black and white dress in TK Maxx; however I will be hunting down those Gap ankle trousers you posted, in black... didn't think of those for the office.
    Cheers GR!

  3. If it is 'have to wear tights' strict dress code, I'm not sure you would feel comfortable in any of those dresses. A very fashiony friend of mine works in at a Law firm where she has to wear a suit (skirt or trousers and jacket) every day. She has a uniform of well cut black trousers and black jacket (usually Joseph, save money and try ebay especially if you are petite Joseph is great). But she ALWAYS has great shoes (usually Louboutin, but also Jimmy Choos, from the man himself's couture range not the name thief!!)

  4. I love that Zara coat too - can't justify it here with the heat of summer - but if it's a good sale price I might just have to take the plunge...xx

  5. I really want to see the coat in the flesh. I didn't end up ordering it, but I'm dreaming of it daily & how I would wear it! x


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