Sunday, 28 April 2013

Shopping Ban Lifted - & I Can't Shop!

So since my last purchase I have completed a month of no shopping, congratulations me!  With that in mind and the fact I have a contract in the centre of London, smart business attire needed, I hot footed it in to town today to try and grab a few key pieces to see me through.  Having worked in smart/casual environments for the best part of 10 years, my business clothing has depleted and at best, I reckon it's going to last me the week.  I was after some separates, namely a skirt and perhaps another pair of trousers.  Nothing.  I'll take that a step further, not only was there nothing for me in smart clothing, nothing casual jumped out at me either!  Everything I looked at I scrutinised and felt wasn't worthy of my hard earned pennies.  It seems my break has done me good, it's made me appreciate what works for me and not scrimp on quality for a fast fashion/shopaholic fix.  Mmmm, how long will it last I wonder?

I did find these lovelies to share with you though, £49.99 from Marks & Spencer.  They were so well padded and looked very comfy, it's just the ankle strap that I have an issue with.  I must make an effort to get used to them as I really like them on people, I just feel restricted and uncomfortable when I walk in them.

I thought this cute little cosmetic case from Next was very quirky and a great reminder to us all.

Note to self, save these socks for the house only.  Didn't plan on trying on any shoes, but was having a play and forgot I'd put these on, oops!

And finally, a mug shot!  Posing is not my strong point, I've said it before.  This was the best of about 10 and both eyes were open!  I just wanted to share my bargain £2 dress from H&M I blogged about previously.  I've worn it twice now but this time I added my heeled M&S boots and a slightly clashing vertical stripe on my cardigan.  I have worn these boots more times than I thought, they seem to go with everything and with heels I feel my posture is better.

Tunic - H&M
Cardigan - Ralph Lauren (Bicester Village)
Leggings - Topshop
Boots - M&S


  1. You have a fringe!! When did this happen? It's GORGEOUS - really suits you. All the best for tomorrow - defo don't wear those socks! Haha :) xx

  2. Only last week, but I haven't fallen in love with it as much as I did when I first had it, so not sure it will last! I'm hoping I won't make that sock error in the early hours, not a good look hey!x

  3. I was thinking did I just not notice the fringe before, but I see it actually is new, it gorgeous Natalie, really suits you. Can't believe u didn't buy anything anything after being on a month ban, I would need to do that!!!

  4. The socks are hilarious! Love the bangs too - so pretty!! x

  5. Socks/fringe/epic post - well done, that dress is gorgeous too!

  6. 20% off M&S full price items today honey - go get those shoes!!!

  7. It's always the way! When you can't spend, you see tons of stuff you want. When you can spend, there's nothing worth buying. Sod's Law! You should definitely post pics of yourself more often .. loving the fringe!

  8. My shopping band ends in May and I may be a little overly excited!

  9. Do you know what guys, just over a week in and my fringe is doing my head in already and regretting it! It just doesn't seem to want to fall right after a centre parting. x

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