Thursday, 25 April 2013

TK Maxx, Next & My Wish List Item

Well I decided to throw caution to the wind and enter a few shops post school run the other day.  My eldest needed a new rucksack and it was easier to drop in to a small retail park than go into town.  So I braved TK Maxx to get one for her.  I of course started to have a look through the ladies rails but no sooner had I started, and found some great items, I ran away to the kids department.  This ban (self imposed to any new readers) seems to have really dragged on and boy have I found it hard.  Shopping comes so naturally to me, bargains seem to find me, it was just what I was born to do (not sure if I have previously mentioned I did study drama - so yes, dramatics have come out!).

I found this great little smock dress by French Connection, £82 down to £24.99.  Such a easy piece to wear with cropped leggings in the Summer and an amazing price with all that detail.

Then there were these shorts.  The pictures don't do then justice and I am first to admit that, but honestly they were better in the flesh.  I can't do short shorts, nor being petite can I do very long ones either, these were a great in between but I would turn them up a few times just to add a more relaxed look.  The print is small enough not to be to in your face, but enough to make them more than a plain boring short.  Maison Scotch is not a brand I usually buy but I thought this price at TK Maxx was a great introduction to the brand for people like me who haven't bought before.

Close up of the print

Popped my head in the door at Next (for the kids obviously) and was greeted head on with these cheerful jeans.  £20 - wow!  Great price Next, very impressed.

And if I wasn't on a ban and wanted to buy a loved but not needed item (we all need a few purchases like this once in a while) then I would head to Zara for these, £49.99.  I love a nude based shoe, it elongates shorter legs and the studding on these are so current and add interest to what can be a dull colour on some.

So come on, taunt me some more, what have you been buying this week?

PS Marks & Spencer sale now on, usually some great bargains, for people who are shopping that is......


  1. As I was saying to Avril on her post earlier - I love Maison Scotch! I have spotted the odd item of theirs in TK Maxx but never in my size. Bog.

    And the French Connection Smock Dress - I've got that. I got it last year at the York Outlet for £20. Infact I got three dresses that day for the grand total of £60. It's all coming out now!

  2. Sue has more in her closet than she lets the dress - our equivalent, TJ Maxx, is rubbish - full of department store tat - no great brands. I might have to brave a TK Maxx in June!

  3. I love that French Connection smock top - I actually NEED it! I've seen some great summer smock top/dresses that I'll be purchasing for the season ahead - they're great with leggings for the winter too

    You are so good to have so much control and not buy .. I can't even go to the shops for ANY reason when I'm on a spending ban!

  4. Joanna - definitely visit a TK in the UK, worth a rummage.
    It's been tough and I must admit, a little grumpier for it!x

  5. Aw Natalie, I can't imagine how crap that is as I failed miserably on my spending ban in January. i've rediscovered TK Maxx after being in their last week, but I'm not buying much this month as I have loads of unworn stuff but I'm definitely going back the following month! love those Zara shoes too, I still have my eye on a different tan pair from there.

  6. Oh those shoes are gorgeous, I love nude shoes but I would never be able to walk in those but they are amazing and a good alternative to Valentino Rockstuds!


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