Saturday, 11 May 2013

Press Day Round Up's

I've been so fortunate of late to go to some fantastic press days (and many owing to my great blogger buddies passing on details - thank you!).  I went to some PR ones which was great as not only did they give me an insight to what was ahead for brands I already know, but they also introduced me to some brands I'd not heard about before.

I discovered My Beauty Emporium from the Modus PR agency press day, a wonderful on line beauty website who gave me some samples of Katima'A to try.  I've used the scrub and serum and so far I'm  impressed.  They contain Argan Oil (in my ignorance I thought this was for hair!) and what stood out straight away for me was the scent.  They don't claim to have any particular smell, so whether it's the argan oil I am attracted to I don't know, but it's like a rich buttery chocolate smell and I loved it.  The scrub felt like it did the job but didn't rip my face off.  I used the serum before bed under my night cream and although it was oily at first, my skin lapped it up and it felt like I was giving it a real treat for the night.

Serum £49.96, scrub £26

Next up I had a blast with fellow bloggers Kat and Avril last month at the Fenn Wright Manson press day.  We had a very privileged sneaky peak at their AW13 (sorry, not allowed to share any piccies but needless to say they had some fantastic key pieces and prints) but also got to play dress up with their SS13 collection.  Being such a petite one I struggled with the sizes they had so didn't manage a full outfit but I did love their silky top that Avril was actually wearing on the day and Kat looked great in the bold blue.   

My favourite look of their collection and also my favourite colour pallet 

Avril, Kat and myself all in FWM's Bella top (now £45)

My lush smelling Moroccan Blush Rose candle, thank you FWN!

And lastly a brand I had heard of but not paid a lot of attention to before, Kat & Bee jewellery.  Thanks to Emslie Creative I got to have a closer look at the amazing pieces of jewellery this brand has to offer in the coming months.  The rings stood out immediately but even more so when it was pointed out they all had tiny little skulls hidden within them.  Wow!

Stunning selection of their necklaces 

How different is this!  

Apologies to all my regular readers for the lack of posts this week.  Whilst I have this short term contract in London, my days are very long and I have little time left between getting home and hitting the sack.  I have so much still to share (I've been shopping - woohoo!) so bare with me, it's not for long and soon I will be back to more regular posts which I am missing writing.  

PS none of this is a sponsored post, just my favourites from what I've seen and wanted to share.


  1. Sounds like you have been (and are) a very busy woman right now!

    I love candles so I'm jealous of your FWM one!

  2. Great post - thanks for the mention! That was a lovely day in London. Hope the work contract is going well....I can't imagine how I'd blog if I was working long days again. Only so many hours in the day. Hang on in there...enjoy the ride and looking forward to reading about all your shopping exploits soon! xx

  3. Just a bit Fiona, now sat here with a full on cold, gunky eyes, sore throat...think my body is trying to tell me something!
    Your welcome Avril. Going well thanks just very full on. I'm struggling to blog but it's not a long term contract so I can't wait to get back to it. Thank you, your so right, and on that note - hour now is bath and bed!


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