Tuesday, 9 April 2013

So Dior at Harrods (and a few extra's)

I was lucky enough to have a spare 15 minutes when I was in Harrods the other day, so I of course headed straight up to the Dior exhibit.  You are transported into another world - Christian Dior's world, which started with his first collection in 1947.  True to Harrod's usual standards, it did not disappoint.  This is free, I just wanted to point out, you get to view these amazing dresses up close, read the history and watch short films all in a special cordoned off area, within the store.  If you are there it's well worth a visit and give yourself more than 15 minutes!

The leaflet handed out at the start

Welcomed by a large 'dolls house' lit up

Afternoon suit Spring/Summer 1947 


Special creation 2011, Parfume collection

Charlize in the dress

Autumn/Winter 2012 Haute Couture Dress

Pictures do not do it justice

Natalie in the dress

Autumn/Winter 1959 worn by Audrey Hepburn

Audrey in the dress

Upon exiting

Beautiful sight!

And just a few extra luxurious lovelies to share, I couldn't wonder through and not take some photos to upload for you all to see.

Louis Vuitton


Mulberry (LOVE)


Needs no title, sheer beautifulness 

Chanel wall art

Kids-wear - Gucci anyone?

And back to reality, 20% off at French Connection with the code STYLIST1, happy shopping peeps!


  1. That leopard bag is amazing! The exhibition looks fantastic, I wonder how long it's on for xx

  2. Ha ha. Back down to earth to French Connection but at least it's a little more affordable.

    The exhibition looks wonderful. Tell me - were the dresses actually teeny weeny in size?

  3. Sue - teeny tiny!!!
    On until the 15th April Sharon

  4. Omg that looks amazing Natalie love dress exhibits. The joys of living in London while I'm out in the sticks!

  5. Beautiful pics I shall be hotting footing it down there to have a look!

  6. Oh I would love to see that exhibition. Looks stunning. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Were you not able to try ANYTHING on? I am all up for glamour but I do like to 'see' it on!

  8. No trying on I'm afraid, and I wouldn't dare, far to precious! x

  9. I completely forgot to check out the Dior exhibition when I was in Harrods. And I didn't have time on Sunday either. Bummer. Natalie, I tried on the designer jackets there too even if I couldn't afford the lining inside them!!

  10. Oh that sounds like fun Marlene, I didn't have any time for try on's so missed out on that instead x


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