Friday, 12 April 2013

My Shop of the Week - Superdry

I had a great day at the Superdry AW13 press day at their flagship store in Regent Street, London.  I have a few pieces of Superdry in my wardrobe, mainly hoodies.  But my I was pleasantly surprised by what was to follow.  A fantastic range of really wearable day pieces to easily fit into your wardrobe.  Prints for jeans were still very much present, as was the neon trend.  But the way it was worked into more structured garments really caught my eye.  Embellishment on trims really changed the garment from casual to evening or a more chic day look.  Of course the collection wouldn't be theirs without their hoodies and these were bought up to date with sequinned trims also, and no heavy branding on these ones.  I felt that as a working Mum of two, it was definitely more my cup of tea.  A move on from casual to smart/casual.  Thats not to say they didn't have their usual colour flash of tracksuit style wear with their logo, but I was so mesmerised by everything else it didn't feature on my radar.  Their new make-up range was also a welcome surprise.  With very reasonable price points (lippy £8) and amazing scents (coconut - lush) they had a great capsule range to start their collection.  Oh and they ended on a high - I found two silk numbers, one of my favourite fabrics, completely won over! They definitely upped their came and I came away really excited by what was to come.  

PS Apologies in advance, I did get a little camera happy and had an 'angle' thing going on that day but I couldn't not share as seemed wasteful to limit the beauty!

PPS Some items already available on their website.

Some gifted samples, the hand cream I tried there, it smelt good enough to eat!

Coloured and printed denim,

Close up on those panther print - my favourite

Some more printed bottom, colour pop on the right

Check out their watch collection if you haven't already.  Rose gold still very much present.  £119.99

I love the structure and cut of this, personally I like high neck tops (small bust!) and the darker colour slims out my broader shoulders
The back of the top is the same as the dress version.  I love the combination of a more day/casual fabric dressed up with a sleek shape and an open back.  Relaxed glamour!

Neon trim, modernising a classic look
A more formal slant for them but keeping it simple, such a flattering shape.
Another classic simple shaped winner
Full on sequin on the left, with a strapless number and sequin embellishment on the right
Casual wool cape
And the sequin trims start here! 
Can you see the sparkle in the skirt?
And a sexy drop back
Swing vest dressed up with neon orange sequin trim
And all done by hand
Add some sparkle to those hoodies!
More sparkle
Timothy Everest collection
One of my favourite fabrics, silk, thank you for using it Superdry!
And a silk dress 
Their press release; "Womenswear is all grown up with a collection that offers modern, feminine glamour."  It is just that.  Good job done Superdry. 


  1. Love the animal print jeans and the structured tops. So surprised that this is from Superdry. Like you, I thought jeans and hoodies!

  2. Wow can't believe that's Superdry stuff, those jeans look gorgeous. They have really changed their focus from hoodies and jackets!

  3. I'm loving the direction Superdry are going. I buy often for my OH there and have noticed every time I've been in, that their ladies wear is really improving. Their jeans are great and very affordable and my new favourite plain white tee comes from there. It's the softest most gorgeous cotton and I now want it in every colour!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend! Ax

  4. Lots to love in that collection .. but then nobody can ever accuse me of being immune to a sequin!!

  5. oooh yes super cute skirts and tops - I like, I shall make sure I go into our local store next time and not just walk past it!

  6. Was so impressed ladies, really worth a look when your next near a store x


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