Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Confession - but only a £2 one!

So I've decided to be very honest and admit that my self imposed shopping ban may have be ever so slightly broken.  But it was only a £2 dress, and I'd been working in the shopping centre all week-end so had been very controlled.  Then I was given a free £5 voucher (my sister didn't use it) and I hatewaste.com so felt it only right.  I headed straight for H&M as it was on my way out (see, there was some thought into breaking my ban in only one shop).  They had a sale on so after I took a few piccies of some full priced items that I liked, I headed to the correct section.  I've just had a quick look on line and it's £12 but for some reason they were £7 in store, so £2 to me!  Please can I just say I also made my own lunch that day and didn't spend a penny on food, so I kind of felt it was justifiable right?

Originally it was £19.99 and only has an 8% wool content, the rest man made fabric's so I wouldn't have bought it at that price as I'm not expecting it to last long.  But for £2 (or £7) it was a quick, cheerful, easy addition to my wardrobe.  I am huge lover of the breton stripe, I did move slightly outside my box and went for a brighter coloured option (others also available on the web).  I know, I hear what your saying, making my own packed lunch, £2 on a dress, opting for cerise instead of black/navy/white stripes, I know how to live...  Family holiday saving account, it get's me every time!

I love the simple buttons down the back

I hold my hands up again, I didn't get a picture of me wearing it, I am always running out the door.  But I teamed it very simply with black leggings and black biker boots.  I wanted to add some grunge to the girly pink!

Two of my favourite finds in store that day;

I always opt for light weight cotton, embroidered tops like this in the Summer, great with rolled up jeans

Not one to wear a pattern on my lower half but I appreciate them on the right people.  Love this bright blue

And I will finish by saying that I refrained from the Gap sale yesterday.  They had an additional 20% off on line, but nope, I backed away.  All in the name of a damn good holiday (it best be worth it!).


  1. I am sure those trousers are a copy of J Crew, they are so 50s America just need a head scarf and a martini hi ball

  2. What a bargain Natalie- I bet it will be in your wardrobe for years as that's usually what happens spin get a crazy bargain. I've been looking at those trousers, and think I might need them to go with my new blue shoes!

  3. Perfectly justified in spending £2 on a dress!!

    I TOTALLY love those trousers - I may have to buy even though I'm on a spending ban also!

  4. Love the dress ( I personally freak out at buttons but the print and colour is fab!)

    I purchased in h&m last weekend, in fact I bought some printed trousers. I'll eventually get around to showing with my other £2 h&m bargain.

  5. That's not really breaking the spending ban. It would have been fiscally irresponsible to leave that behind, lol! I've seen those trousers in the window of H&M over the past few weeks. sooo cute.

  6. Thank you for all your support! The hubby said technically I had broken it but I'm using Helen's 'fiscally irresponsible' comment now, love it, thanks! x


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