Friday, 19 April 2013

A Quick Whiz Round London

I am pleased (not happy) to report that I have continued with my shopping ban, even though in the last 2 weeks I have been in the big smoke 3 times.  It is getting a little boring now, I just want to purchase but the end goal of holiday funds is still very present in my mind so needs must.  Boooo hiss.

Dream world allowed for a split second, the lovely Kat from Does My Bum Look 40 steered Avril (School Gate Style) & I into Anthropologie.  I haven't been to their Regent Street store before and I will definitely not be passing it again.  It was vintage meets fashion meets comfy and I loved it.  On the pricier side for me but in a world where I wasn't watching the pennies, I so would.  



We were in London for a Press Day (more on that on another post) but of course managed to have a quick peak in some stores.  Also on route was & Other Stories a new offering from H&M.  Different but I liked it.  For some reason I only grabbed a few shots, I was just taking it all in.  It was minimal in appearance, no fuss.  Clean and clear if that makes any sense at all.  Very modern and dare I say it, it didn't come across as 'cheap' looking as H&M can sometimes (don't get me wrong, note previous post, I do like H&M and I do shop there).  It definitely needs another visit to absorb it better.  I did find a great tan leather iPad case for £45 which seemed very reasonable as it had space in the side for cards etc.  

As Avril said, it had an 'industrial' feel

I will leave you with this lovely little note from & Other Stories, my personal style story this week;!  Night all! x


  1. Extremely jealous that you got to visit &Other Stories. I would love to see that one to get the measure of it. And can I commend you on how wonderfully good you have been on your spending ban. I would have caved in the first two days unless you put me in Scotland with no wifi.

  2. Oh it was SO lovely to meet up again Natalie! Really enjoyed my time with you...bless you, you're always showing me the right way to go when we meet!! Am quite impressed with the & Other Stories make-up actually. It's a great shade for me and paraben free too! Well done also on your spending ban and for helping me to kind-of stick to mine :) Have a super weekend lovely lady, Axx

  3. There are a few bits on the Other Stories website that have taken my eye, I am yet to venture into store though x

  4. Yes we'll done Natalie, I'm useless at spending bans! Can't wait to hear more on the press day, and love those necklaces.

  5. Again jealous! Was looking at &otherstories after reading my marie and claire!

  6. I feel your pain - in London, on a spending ban = torture!

    I love the cream lace dress, wow it's so summery gorgeous

  7. Such gorgeous pics. I share your pain as I'm trying to avoid any spending right now. But very difficult to do when you're in stores such as Anthropolgie and & Other Stories. I always pay Anthropologie a visit when I'm in London and can't wait to see & Other Stories when I'm there during the summer.

  8. Thank you all ! My hubby doesn't seem to understand why it is so hard and how well I have done, so pleased that you can appreciate this hideous goal I set myself!x


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