Saturday, 6 April 2013

Jeans on our High Street

I've had a very busy day helping ladies into the right style jean for them at the Jean Genie event in The Chimes shopping centre, Uxbridge.  We were spoilt for choice with all the styles currently available on our High Street but a few really did shine through and work well on people.  Starting with Next's Lift, Slim & Shape Boot Cut at £45.  These worked a treat on ladies needing a little extra support around the tummy and bum area.  They didn't come up as flared as they looked on the hanger, which pleased all of the ladies that tried them on.  The general consensus was that they really made them feel supported and the slightly thicker denim really helped them fit perfectly where they needed to.  One lovely lady was so pleased with the way her bum looked she rushed out of the changing room to show her mum!  These also come in slim and skinny cut's as well as a range of colours.  So give them a try, the ladies were all pleasantly surprised.


Another boot cut working well on the 'apple' shape to balance out the body was Debenhams designer range, Star by Julien Macdonald.  These currently have 20% off so £45 down to £36.  These came up slightly lower, so more a mid rise jean but again, the thick well cut fabric was a winner.

Star by Julien Macdonald

River Island's super skinny Amelie jean was very popular for the 'skinny jean' lovers.  At £30 they sit in the middle of higher priced denim and cheaper, thinner fabric ones.  Yet the thickness of the denim was just as good as the top end High Street prices.

River Island

And the last pair I'm going to share tonight was a very reasonable priced pair from Dorothy Perkins.  These were a straight leg jean, and a slightly lighter fabric which worked well with this classic shape.  These are priced at £25 and available in 3 different lengths and a variety of colours. 

Dorothy Perkins

After seeing so many different pairs of jeans on a variety of body shapes, it does remind me that jeans are one of those items that just takes times to get right.  There really is a huge variety out there across shapes, budgets and colours.  Make sure when you go searching you give yourself the time that this valuable item needs in order to find your perfect pair.  


  1. Buying jeans has to be one of the hardest items EVER to buy. I now buy 2+ pairs of any style I like that fit!

    I saw the Next shape jeans but I don't like a high waist, otherwise I would have tried them on


  2. I HATE buying jeans ... it's so time consuming and invariably soul destroying. However, I've heard lots of good things about River Island jeans, so might try there next.

  3. I was loving the sound of the Next jeans and so pleased to see you say they do a skinny version! It is hard for an apple shape, if I get a low rise they slide below my tummy and fall of my flat bum, nightmare for someone who loves jeans like me xx

  4. Fiona, they don't come up as high as suggested so defo worth a try if your passing.
    It is time consuming definitely Helen, but so worth it once you get the right pair.
    Sharon, they have great shape to the bum and fake pockets at the front so less fabric adding weight where it's generally not needed (around tummy area). They really were a winner!


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  6. Loving the look of those River Island ones. I never think of them when looking for jeans. Thanks for all the tips - great post! Ax


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