Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My Shops of the Week - in my Dream World!

So we are now the second of the month, and so far so good, no clothing/shoe shopping done.  Phew.  Only another 28 days to last.  Instead of bringing you my one 'shop/brand of the week', I thought I would mix it up a little and share with you my favourite shops for certain areas of my wardrobe.  Oh and in a dream world of no shopping ban, what I would purchase if I was let loose in there!

Smart; Zara

Coat £99.99

Dress £25.99

Casual; Gap

Khakis £35.99

Fashion; Topshop



An idea of how they could look together

Shoes & Handbags; TK Maxx & Zara

Zara £39.99

Zara £59.99

TK Maxx (Dune) £29.99

TK Maxx (Gant) £34.99

TK Maxx £69.99
Accessories; New Look




Now I've finished zooming around the internet searching out some fab finds to share with you, I'm back to reality and my bank balance.  April's going to be a long old month!


  1. Love the New Look bits, and they won't break the bank!

  2. Love the Zara dress, shoes and the new look necklace. Good luck on your spending ban and if you succeed your a better woman than me!

  3. You're doing very well .. another 28 days you say? Yikes! Love the choices you've picked. You're really torturing yourself, aren't you??!

  4. Lol yes Helen, I like to challenge myself!
    Thanks for the luck Trea, will need it.
    However upon thinking about this last night, I remembered I still have a £15 Debenhams voucher from my birthday and over £20 on my Boots points card, so I'm thinking a little bit of make-up to just see me through.....!

  5. Oh I'd forgotten how good New Look is for jewellery...must take a look next time I'm in town! Ax

  6. How are you my dear! I think I have a zara addiction, I love all of these items!

  7. It's very easy to have an addiction to Zara! x


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