Sunday, 31 March 2013

Faux Leather/Wet Look Leggings

A little late to join this trend, but then I have never been trend led, I just like well styled, classic, quality  clothing, sometimes I throw in a twist.  This I guess is my twist.  After recently seeing the lovely Fiona over at Avenue 57 in some faux leather trousers, I loved how she dressed them down yet they still looked effortlessly cool.  I am a jeans girl through and through, they are my smart/casual comfort zone.  I try to push away from them at times, this is one of those times.  My friend came to visit me the other day wearing some shiny type of leggings.  They were very subtle, I didn't notice properly until I saw them in better lighting but they just looked a little smarter (and cooler dare I say it!) than normal leggings.  Originally I took photo's of her cute Clark's boots but then I got closer and saw the leggings!  They were from Tesco's over a year ago.  I am not so sure they are the a 'true' wet look type, but as I'm not sure I could do the whole faux leather/wet look just yet (baby steps for new styles of course) they seemed a great in between way to try something new.  I'm off to google some (research purposes only, purchasing ban still in place) as they are not on line at Tesco, so if you can recommend any, please share.

Not the best photo, but originally I was focusing on the boots!

Fab boots though!
My wish list item this week, these coral courts from Topshop, called 'Gwenda'.  They are suede, and I have a thing about suede shoes for some reason.  At £58 I don't think that's a bad price at all.  Oh and I have a shoe thing at the moment also........


  1. The Gwenda comes in white too they're gorgeous!

  2. Ps Topshop have some great faux leather leggings too!

  3. oooh thank you for the mention! I have just bought these - they are wax coated but look like leather - they are DREAMY on!


  4. Love those orange shoes! fantastic. And love how you and Fiona rock the leather look but I'm not sure I could pull it off...let me mull it over...I like to be Paddy last to these trends :) Axx

  5. I took a photo of those shoes in white last week when in topshop, I fancy a pair although maybe a bit old! My daughters have faux leather from both H&M and River Island and can you believe they all have come away on the waistband seam.

  6. Never to old for a court shoe!
    Mmmm, still undecided about the whole faux leather but I am loving the leggings idea and really like that link from Oasis Fiona! x

  7. Gorgeous colour shoes, just the thing to brighten up the day!xx


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