Friday, 29 March 2013

Animal Sandals (for when the sun makes an appearance!)

I braved a few stores for some last minute Easter treats today, not sure what I thought I might find that fitted the bill in there but I did pop my head into Next.  Dangerous on a very strict shopping ban, so I thought at the very least it was material to share in todays blog (who am I trying to kid?).  I make no secret of my love for animal and breton print, silk and cashmere.  So my natural homing device led me straight to these babies.  All leather £22 (although the website states £18 so order on line quickly!).  I daren't try them on, I need to last a whole month, yes a whole month of no purchases, Lord give me strength.  So Wednesday 1st May, I am back there hoping they don't fit and I can prove the husband wrong and I've lasted a month and a day with no purchases.  Wish me luck!

£26 Jewelled version

£18 Tan version


  1. I like the plain brown ones I have such hideous bunions this style unfortunately isn't great for me!

  2. Oh I love those animal ones - nice pick! I've a voucher for Next so I'm hoping to get in for a nosy next week. Happy Easter Natalie! Ax

  3. I love all the same things as you but these look a bit too dead flat for me, so I shall continue to lust after the Karen Millen ones I saw on Tues. I think I saw a nice pair on Dune with some animal print, I best go back and look! xx

  4. I've had my eye on those tan ones for the summer, thanks for reminding me Natalie!!

  5. These are lovely and just like the Carvela Kenya I've just seen on for $125!!

  6. I thought they were very reasonably priced Joanna, especially compared to the Carvela ones you mention!
    Definitely on my wish list, but I just need to wait a month!
    Hope you're all having a lovely Easter break x

  7. Love the sandals!! where is the weather for them though


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