Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Stop Shopping and Take Stock GlamRosie

Well tonight I was going to publish a post I had previously written on Rihanna's new line for River Island. Whilst having another browse through her range I stopped.  What am I doing?  I free lance as a Personal Stylist, sort out other peoples wardrobes and advise them on their clothes, yet I have completely neglected my own wardrobe and am getting lost pretty much every night on the internet looking at all the amazing clothes and deals that are out there.  As I am such a firm bargain hunter, I do tend to justify many of my purchases within an inch of their wear but to be honest, my own wardrobe needs a damn good sort out.

So my blog today is directed at me, no more shopping, I need to take stock and clear out.  I know there are some shoes lurking in the back shelf which are dated and dusty (oh Lordy I've just admitted that for all to know).  I need to practise what I preach:
Rotate that wardrobe.
Wear those hidden gems.
Replace order in my much loved clothes.

I am feeling brave, this to some I know will not look messy, but to me, it hasn't had a sort through in far too long.  I aim for 3 times a year and I am very behind.  I am only sharing my main wardrobe, the other is coats, tracksuits etc, occasion dresses and some Ebay items I really need to sell.  Shoes in that one are boots and nearly in order....yes all, I like my clothes, shoes, handbags, fashion, style, I'll stop there.

An overall glimpse!
An out of order rail, I am not impressed with myself right now!

Clutches, Across the body and coloured bags, 'special ones' in dust bags.
Dark handbags (oh and the Hubby's footy bag mmm) not too bad
Shoes don't look too bad but there's some dusty ones at the back!
Tees, Cardis, Jumpers, Scarves, L/S Tees, Vests, Gloves (in box) - a mess!
I do plan on showing you a tidier wardrobe once I pull my finger out.....!  Night all, taking my 'Look' magazine to bed as I can't shop there! x


  1. I love getting a glimpse of other people's wardrobes. It's like seeing into people's brains I think. It's not too bad at all but I know a tip top wardrobe makes a big difference when getting dressed so try to keep on top of mine too.

  2. I'm like Trea - I love being a nosey parker. Yours makes me feel slightly better about mine. Mine looks only just slightly more ordered and that's because the overspill is in boxes in the spare room. If I tried to put that lot in - it would be carnage. Would love to see how this organising pans out. It might encourage me to do something about mine then. Or not :o)

  3. Is is fascinating, I am really keen to see inside stylish people's wardrobes. As I always wonder if access is the magic to putting things together. Most of my stuff is in large plastic boxes so I can never really be bothered to hunt it out!

  4. I too enjoy a nose, so thought I would put myself out there to be nosed at!
    Glad I've helped Sue! I only have 1 large tote for high season items so Summer stuff in there at the mo, then will swap for hats, gloves etc when I'm done with them. I try to limit it to 1 box as I like my wardrobe to be as versatile as possible with layering!
    I am planning on the shelves and rail on Saturday as eldest child will be out with Nanna and hubby home to entertain youngest so fingers crossed!
    The Find - I've seen very stylish peoples wardrobes and they can sometimes be a tip! I am always better at organising other peoples as I devote my time to them better than myself, hence the need now to make sure I put some time aside for mine! When are you moving Bicester way? I will come sort out your boxes!!!


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