Thursday, 14 March 2013

A Quick Post Tonight - Ebay - Yes Ebay, Shop of the week!

I need to hit the sack, 3 hours sleep (poorly kiddies) does not make for a coherent Natalie!  I was just sorting through inbox and opened my Ebay email, they just wanted to remind me about their French Connection Outlet with up to 70% off ending today, so kind!  So instead of my usual time spent browsing, I am going to hand it over to you guys to do.  Their prices will still be discounted tomorrow but not as much as today, so be quick!  However, purely for research sake and adding some visual prettiness to my post other than words, here are some of my favourites.  Happy Shopping people!  

£95 down to £28.50
£155 down to £37.50
£47 down to £14.50
£180 down to £45
£125 down to £30
£125 down to £28.50


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