Sunday, 17 March 2013

My Week

I very nearly forgot to place an order with my 30% off Gap voucher - but I didn't, phew.  So still on my 'minimal budget/semi shopping ban' I am always in need of trousers.  I have blogged and moaned many times before how I hate looking for bottoms, I love my jeans.  With an important meeting coming up in London, I thought the discount be best spent on trousers.  So I ordered 3 pairs and 2 pairs of jeans (at £14.99 it was worth a shot), a jumper for the hubby and 2 further pairs of jeans for my sister to try.  None of the jeans worked (thank goodness), 1 pair of trousers came up loads larger than I think they should, then I tried these on.  Et Voila!  I could tell before I had even pulled them up that I was on to a winner.  They feel so comfy to wear and made me feel great even with a cold and feeling run down.  Anyone who knows me knows my hate of paying for delivery.  However with the 30% off and a pair of winning trousers, I think I can well and truly justify the £4 (oh and my nearest store is 20 miles away).  I am thrilled to say the least.  I have teamed them with my Ted Baker courts and will probably add one of my Banana Republic blouses tucked in, maybe with a little skinny belt.  

£29.95 but £21 with discount

Gaps Slim Cropped Pants

I promised I would share any wardrobe progress from my very honest post in the week about the state of my wardrobe.  I am a firm believer that if your not feeling too great about yourself, then trying on clothes is a no no.  So I decided to just start with my shelves and re fold, re organise.  I found 1 holed Tee which will go in the rag bin and some very shiny lurex scarves which I haven't worn in over a year, so they were promptly removed.  The pink one has managed to find it's way into my 6 year old's room....It was baby steps today, but it's still progress.  Thick Winter scarves have also gone away in the drawer under my bed - I am being optimistic.  The picture makes the cardi's look untidy but I promise they are organised by colour and pattern!  Lessons learnt - no more navy cardi's needed but a nice plain black scarf is.  

Plain and patterned Tees, Cardis, Scarves

Didn't make the cut (apart from the pink now residing in daughters room)

I hope all you Mummy's out there had a lovely Mother's Day last week.  I had a great one with family and a quick impromptu visit to Bicester Village.  We were very kindly given a 30% off voucher for Ralph Lauren (Friends and Family event) so I did say to the Hubby not to buy me lots of tack for Mother's Day as would rather put the voucher to good use.  These lovely PJ's came down to around £16 with the discount - now that's a bargain!  Perfect present from my little ladies, quality and comfort (yes a little Christmasy but there's no Santa on them so I'm not bothered!).

I am seeing one of my closest friends tomorrow as she lives far too many miles away 'up North'.  But her reason for getting a mention on my blog tonight is that she is bringing with her the M&S boots that I was madly after in the sale.  She managed to find one pair of size 3.5's in her store so they had better fit.  From my online sale shop I got the hubby's slippers as I always do in their sale (half price), a cardi for the 6 year old, a zester (yes, really) and a new bra (bra's - another thing I hate shopping for ticked off this week).  Nothing very adventurous so these boots best be good!  They were £32.50 from memory and as I've lived in my black suede ones I felt these would be a great seasonal purchase.

My wish list item this week?  Flicking through Grazia and saw 'my shoes' I tried on the other week.  They looked so much better on my feet than they did in the magazine, surely that warrants them right?  It's called my 'wish list' item for a reason, they are not a 'need' Natalie, keep dreaming...

Thank you for reminding me about these Grazia
I think Zara need to donate these to my wardrobe


  1. You and I were separated at birth
    1 - trying to not spend too much
    2 - hate paying for delivery
    3 - dislike shopping for bottoms apart from jeans

    I love those trousers so much .. what inside leg are they?


  2. And don't you always find everything you 'need' when you have no money and nothing when you do have a spare few pennies?
    Delivery - I rarely do, always top up an order to get it free so long as the returns are free! But then as my friend pointed out, I would spend more on petrol, car parks etc in most cases.
    Ditto re the bottoms!
    Um, I'm not sure, they came up longer on me than the model in the pic as I'm a shorty! They are just the 'regular' leg not the ankle. x

  3. You HAVE to buy those Zara shoes, they will always be the one that got away if you don't!

  4. Definitely get those Zara shoes! They are truly gorgeous. If you don't - I might and that will freak me out because they are so out of my comfort zone and they will torment you no end as I parade around in them.

  5. Also meant to say - love the trousers - I really like the cut of them and they fit you beautifully. An excellent buy.

  6. Ok I hear you, but I did manage to get the that means no more shoes this month. Maybe next month oh and I will buy a lottery ticket as well!
    Thanks Sue, I really am so pleased with them. It is rare that I find a fit as good as these x

  7. Those Zara shoes have been on loads of blogs and in the press a bit - I keep thinking of you when I see them. Definitely get if you can afford - they are timeless and gorgeous! x

  8. The next bit of spare cash - they are mine! x

  9. Oh love those Zara shoes too, I'm after a few pairs from there at the mo (as usual). You've reminded me I need new black work trousers, boring but a necessity. Yours are lovely and a perfect fit.

  10. Those trousers are gorgeous on you .. but then you have such a lovely figure! Now, go get those shoes :)


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