Sunday, 10 March 2013

Marks & Spencer Shoes and their Sale!

I had a very interesting conversation with some lovely ladies last Saturday night whilst 'out on the town' - M&S shoes = your old (well something along those lines anyway!).  Myself and another lady were baffled at this shock announcement, as we both wear them and are actually huge advocates of them.  Their Autograpgh Insolia range is on a par with my love of Timberland's Earthkeepers range for comfort but better for style (and are also dare I say it, both above Ugg for comfort factor).  The following day I was dashing into an M&S for some urgent school ware for my eldest and literally grabbed these snapshots - um, not so fuddy duddy in my opinion?  Get yourselves in there ladies, your missing a trick!

Some of my favourite M&S Autograph shoes (both under £20 in the sale)

Another reason for this post - I literally got all excited about the email that arrived in my inbox tonight, their sale starts on line tomorrow at 8pm, in stores Tuesday.  So no one call me, no one Skype me, Twitter and Facebook will be ignored, I will be fighting the crashing of their systems as happens at their sale times.  And if any of these go into the sale, DO NOT purchase the size 3.5 - they are my wish list items this week!


  1. Ooooo! Thank you for the tip-off! And I'm with you on their shoes. Yes, they still do sell granny shoes but they also sell some gorgeous on trend ones too. I've also got a couple of fab pairs in the sale. now to set an alarm on the phone for the sale! Avx

  2. I could well be getting old, as I like the fact that you can WALK in M & S shoes, I always used to think that the more you paid for heels, the more comfortable they would be, but it simply isn't true. It depends on proportions and design and M & S get it spot on as they are more concerned about the number of returns than say Christian Louboutin or Charlotte Olympia, whose customers a. don't return and b. don't walk anywhere!

  3. M&S have a mad selection of shoes .. some seriously granny but then some really great ones. So I'm not sure I'd agree with your friends. Love the boots that you have on your wish list (just started snowing here - can't think beyond boots!). Fingers crossed you get them on sale tomorrow night. Helen

  4. I've seen a couple of new season pairs I have my eye on and a limited collection dress x

  5. My favourite pair is the tan pair that you already have and picked up for under £20. How fab that you scored such a rocking pair of shoes. I'm in shoe/footwear limbo land at the moment. I can't decide what I want - so I've not bought anything ... yet.

    I did see some of the shoes in M&S a couple of weeks ago and there is a really good mix in there these days. It is literally something for everyone.

  6. Some gorgeous shoes here, m&s is a real mish mash of shoes they def are som granny ones but anyone who can't look by that to see the gems don't deserve to have them! Lol

  7. I managed 1 pair in the sale, some peep toe animal ones, hop they fit. Those boots were already sold out by 8.01pm in my size!
    I always find I go through a phase of finding loads that I need/want then nothing for months.
    I do think M&S are doing a fab job with their range though x


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