Friday, 8 March 2013

Gap - My Shop of the Week

I've been doing very well with Gap of late, hence this week it is my shop of the week.  Not only do they stand the test of time longer than some cheaper versions of basics available on the High Street, but with their sales and discount offers, they are coming up trumps with their reasonable prices.  It is now VIP week at Gap, so as a member (you just need to sign up!) I get a 30% off voucher for full price items.  I was reliably informed this offer is given approximately 4 times a year, so if your pennies are tight, be like me and wait.  This offer doesn't apply to sale items (they can't give it away people!).  But here are some of my most recent buys from them, followed by some of my favourite shoes and accessories they have at the moment.  If you need a voucher, inbox me and I will send you one.  Happy shopping!

This leather handbag was down to £24.99 from £99.99, I found it on the floor hidden under the rails!  A great day/baby bag as I can put the long strap over the pram.  Our old baby bag is far too bulky now, so this will be perfect.

Two pairs of their Legging Jeans.  My first plum pair washed so well I've invested in the black ones as I am in need of black jeans. They have a slightly smarter texture than a denim.  I like the inside zip's as I can make them tight when done up for inside boots, or looser for a shoe.  I found the black in store a month ago, although I can't see them with zips on line.  I really like their light blue pair, I may look at these for the Summer.

Striped cardigan, £14.99 in a London store, although it's £27.99 on line currently.  That's my only grumble, their varying prices from store to web.  My plum jeans were £14.99 on the web but £30 odd in store at the time, it doesn't have any logic to me and feels slightly unfair.  But unfazed I still am very pleased with my purchases.  The cardigan has also washed very well on a hand wash cycle, no ironing needed and back to it's original shape.

I am so tempted by these lace up's - purely based on a comfort factor, however I didn't feel that they worked on me when I tried them on.  Comfort over fashion?  What's wrong with me?!








Didi I mention I was a bit of an accessories addict?  Or does the post speak for itself?!


  1. I love it when they have their offers on. I bought my Gap boots when they had an offer on last year - made it seem so much more reasonable and I love them.

    The one thing I can't find which I thought Gap would do is a plain white fine cotton crew neck jumper (can I get any more specific) which is not too fitted. But no - they do not have this. Every colour variation but pure white. C'est la vie.

    P.S. The bag is a total steal.

  2. The cardi is lovely, everything you bought you will get loads of wear out of, I wish I could be that disciplined, my latest purchase is a pink sequin dress. I think I am a drag queen in the body of a woman.

  3. I too have been very impressed by Gap of late after a few years where I didn't really bother with them. Loving the colours for SS13. Oh, and that bag! What a steal!! Ax

  4. Sue - will keep a look out for you!
    The Find - I have to be disciplined, only way I can justify spending my hard earned pennies if it's used and worn! Sounds like I need to pay you a visit when you move nearer!
    Avril - exactly the same, never been on my radar as much as now.
    Have a good week-end everyone! x

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  7. I am an accessories freak and a handbag snob but I would have bought that bargain one in a heartbeat x

  8. Sounds like we have a lot in common! I almost relented, trying to talk myself out of it, but really at £25 for all that leather, don't know who I was trying to kid! x


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