Friday, 1 March 2013

An Orange Post

I had a chance to browse some great little shops in old Amersham the other day.  It is so nice to see colour starting to filter in to collections now, even though it's not as close as I had hoped, it reminded me Spring is on its way.  One colour stood out for me in particular which was orange.  I have always liked this colour but don't have a lot in my wardrobe, usually opting for a more neutral palette.  My latest drop of Look magazine came through my door and a handbag I've been lusting after for a while now has also been brought out in orange.  I think I need to inject some into my life, starting with this scarf from French Connection.  I personally wouldn't wear it with the dress as feel it would be too much on me, but orange and animal print - win win for me!

FCUK's Cheetah dress £85, scarf £25

I LOVE this handbag, apart from the price tag, the weight of it due to the studs put me off - but then I was justifying why I shouldn't get it!

This Joseph top is probably one of the nicest piece of cashmere I have felt it ages, it was over £100 so I promptly put it down and just took it's picture.  But it was such a light weight piece and so fine, is one of those investment items which is probably worth every penny.

That FCUK 'Cheetah' print in the flesh is a shade brighter in real life than in a magazine.  An easy piece with black trousers or jeans.  £47
Moda in Pelle flats £55.95, some animal sitting next to some orange!  A super smart flat, goes your toes nails painted for these!


  1. I love orange. One of my favourite colours, although I tend to wear it more in winter than spring. Really love those flats ... they look very similar to Tory Burch, but with a much better price tag :)

  2. I love orange almost as much as I love yellow, , and you just reminded me I bought an orange scarf last week that I still haven't worn (thats a long time for me) so I may pull that out this weekend.

  3. It's a colour I don't think suits me - tried on an orange top in Warehouse the other night and I think it looked wrong with my skin tone...HOWEVER, loving that scarf and the shoes too! Avril x

  4. It looks so cheerful, I just can't wait to get into more summery clothes. I have quite a few orange bits, mainly maxi dresses, but they don't seem to be featuring anywhere for SS13 have maxis had there day for the moment?

  5. Love orange myself and have a few orange bits....and i am loving the flats

  6. I have the Alexander Wang Rocco, its worth it's weight to be honest, I just drafted a post about it after seeing the new season neon colours instore yesterday. I bought loads of orange last year and can't wait to wear it all again!

  7. Yes those flats are a little 'Tory' aren't they Helen!
    Maxi's - I don't believe so, but there's a time and a place for them that's all!
    I need no encouragement with's too heavy, I have to keep telling myself that (as there is simply no other justifiable reason not to have it - C.Cards are for emergency's and the Rocco is one of them...!)


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