Sunday, 3 March 2013

Week Round Up

Following on from my 'orange' post I thought I'd start off with the Benefit Fine One One.  Thank you to the fabulous Avril at School Gate Style.  When she saw my post on it she promptly posted me hers as had tried it but had not got on with it.  Well I love it!  I have found it a lot more 'dewy' looking on my skin than my normal powder blusher.  I actually applied it several times throughout the day to freshen up my make-up as had a busy day and it built up nicely without it looking too much.  I have yet to try it on my lips as it can be used there as well but so far I am really enjoying using it. 

The lovely Marlene from Chocolate, Cookies & Candies managed to get this shot of me from last week-end all wrapped up warm!  I have had so much wear out of my French Connection coat from Bicester Village, definitely the best spent £60 of last year.  My favourite look at the moment is my jeans turned up with my Topshop boots (seen originally in this post).  I ummed and arred about them for a few weeks first but now you can't get me out of them.  A great boot as not too high for every day wear but give me some much needed height, which I always find helps my posture as well.    I've even been wearing them on the school run!  

Cashmere Hat - TK Maxx
Scarf - Alice Temperley
Coat - French Connection
Glove, Jeans & Boots - Topshop
Bag - Balenciaga
Another favourite of mine this week is the below New Look Limited Edition necklace.  It was buy one get one free so at £12.99 was hard to say no.  I've worn with a simple v-neck tee (previously in this post) but this week I've been wearing it over tops instead.  The below ensemble was for the 6 year old's school disco.  I had to bling up the simple breton in some way as she was making me feel very under dressed!

The other necklace I purchased, which was £14.99, meaning the Limited one was free!

I was London bound again last night for a friends surprise party at a central bar (thanks Jewel Bar Piccadilly - great venue!).  My silk Whistles dress finally got an outing, yay!  I bought and blogged about this in January, it was a bargain £29.99 from TK Maxx.  Yes I was cold but needs must, it was temporary, a moment in time (sorry to the husband for moaning about the 5 minute walk from the car but you did make me walk through the very wet Regent Street in open toe shoes - burst water pipe!).  It was so comfortable to wear and didn't crease as much as I thought it would after sitting in the car for over an hour.  My only grumble is that the pockets kept slipping to the back and so I did fidget and move them a lot, need to maybe pop a stitch in to keep them in place.  But overall I was very pleased with my cheerful dress!

Dress - Whistles (TK Maxx)
Shoes - All Saints (Bicester Village)

And my wish list item this week, predictable some may say but I've never shied from the fact I am a handbag addict/freak; Whistles clutches.  Simple, chic and sophisticated, well made, timeless classics, when your bored of it use it as a make-up bag!  Apologies, I have completely forgotten the price, slack I know but I'm past my 'close down & switch off Natalie' self imposed curfew and need to wrap the hubby's birthday present pronto before I hit the sack.  Night all, hope you've had a good week-end! 


  1. That dress is STUNNING and I love that everyone of those handbags picks up one of the colours in it. You looked great and braving a winter's night sans hosiery very New York!

  2. Gorgeous picture of you in London. Love the clutch bags, so very Celine also Whistles dress looks amazing, you did well with that one!

  3. Love the dress too, the colours are beautiful on you. I got something a little similar in Zara last summer and had been keeping it for when the weather gets warmer but seeing your picture has made me think about wearing it now!

  4. Ah thank you all! Handbag colours were not intentional honestly!!!
    Be brave, get those legs out! Was fine when I was inside and I never get on with tights on a night out! x

  5. You look amazing in that dress - it's gorgeous and what a bargain too. Such a great spring outfit..yay..spring is here at last!
    Also, I'm delighted you're getting on so well with the Fine One One. How awful if it had sat in my make up drawer never used. It's got a good home now and someone who appreciates it! Have a great week Natalie, Avril x

  6. That dress is just gorgeous Natalie, what a great bargain too! Love those bags too, I'm lusting after too many bags at the mo.

  7. Thank you Avril & Trea! Yes it was a great find and hopefully will stand the test of time as a good quality piece x


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