Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Shop of the Week - Zara

I am feeling a little uninspired this week, maybe I have had too many shopping trips to close together (oh who am I kidding.....).  So I started looking back through my phone photo's and found these bad boys.  Ok, now I'm feeling inspired.  I tried these on a few weeks back in Zara and fell in love.  This was also the shopping trip where I put back two £10 tops from their sale rack, I was asserting some self control (and I had already purchased the beautiful pink ballet pumps a la this post) so they weren't marched to the till.  Having a few pairs of shoes in a similar style, I could not warrant the spend.  However when my lottery numbers (well my husbands ones) come up at the week-end, I will have no reason to feel bad and will head to their website.   Right, snap back to reality.  Whilst perusing their site,  I found not one but several monochrome dresses which I felt the need to share.  Hence, this week Zara is my shop of the week.  I'm not saying they don't have their fair share of some high end fashion styles not for the faint hearted, but push on through and you will find some classic gems such as these with some very fair price tags.  I had to stop at the dresses, I was getting a little carried away.  15 minutes before my shut down, wind down time, I need to hit publish!

Oh Hello!




£39.99 nip in that waste!


£49.99 My favourite

PS Have you found anything that inspires you recently like Zara just has for me?


  1. Those shoes are stunning if you found them in the Jimmy Choo sale for 60 quid you wouldn't hesitate!...or is that just me?

  2. That's the type of shoe I don't look at because I don't stand a cat in hell's chance of standing let alone walk in them but now that you've modelled them - you need those bad boys!

  3. The Find - nope, definitely not just you, I so would have justified them then, funny hey!
    Sue - it's all about the balance! Other needs must first! x

  4. Wow those shoes are amazing Natalie!! liking those dresses as well, im slowly coming roudnto the monochrome trend as ive seen a lot of nice dresses recently.

  5. WOW! Those shoes are amazing. Are you really sure you can't justify them?!!

  6. Ah thank all but no, I am staying strong, not purchasing for now....! So many other gaps in my wardrobe I just can't justify a quick easy fix! x


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