Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Shop of the Week - Jaeger

I was having a little clear out of my business folder the other day and came across a list (I do like a list!) of my original business and blog idea's.  Like all things in life, time gets the better of us and you forget your roots so to speak.  One of my plans was to bring to you my 'shop of the week' be it from the web or a store that I've visited during the week that impressed me, either with their prices, new styles, both or anything of interest!  So I'm going back to my original plan and doing this on a weekly basis as 1. I like to keep in touch with what's out there which sometimes I neglect and 2. I just like the idea! So this week I am bringing to you Jaeger.  They have some amazing discounts on their sale items and currently if you use this code EXTRANL2 you get an additional 20% off.  Here are some of my favourite picks, be quick though, I am sure these won't last long!

100% silk leopard print blouse £140 down to £49 (£39.20 with further discount)

£160 now £35 (£28 with further discount)

100% wool jumper £120 down to £49 (£39.20 with further discount)

£180 down to £35 (£28 with further discount)

Silk pleat front blouse £140 down to £35 (£28 with further discount)

A line skirt £80 down to £30 (£24 with further discount)


  1. I'm a bit hit and miss with Jaegar. I like the Boutique by Jaegar range but struggle with it when I actually manage to try some pieces on. The sizing is just a little off for me but I have to say if it fitted, I would be having a field day with some of their bargains.

  2. Some amazing bargains there, but too broke to take advantage. I do however, have a pal who is a big Jaegar fan, so I shall be sending her a link to this post :)


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