Saturday, 9 February 2013

Animal Lover

I've been wearing my animal print coat a lot this week.  I bought this from Zara a few years ago when I was in Brussels.  At the time I nearly purchased a big faux fur version from Topshop, but I was talked out of it by a friend who insisted it would only be worn for one season.  Well C, just to let you know, this one is in it's 3rd season and I still love it!  I have worn it less recently as I've been wearing my grey FCUK coat but this week fancied something with a little more 'va va voom'!  So I dressed it down with  obligatory Uggs and even had a hoody stuck out of it (hair hiding it in these pictures!).  Animal print is either a love or hate, personally, I love it (much to my husbands dislike) and I won't stop wearing it!

Does look slightly maternity like in this picture but in the flesh it doesn't!

Blimey I didn't realise my Uggs made my feet look like flippers!  Oh well, only the school run!

Here are some of my favourite animal prints that are around now.  Don't over do it with a print like this, team with a separate that is plain, or if a dress, keep jewellery simple and minimal.  Make it look too loud and people will see you before the print, that is not what you want to achieve!

French Connection £110 Monochrome trend = tick + animal = fab!

£7.99 H&M
Matalan £14 black side slimming panels
£49.99 Zara
And on my wish list this week - Zara's parka.  I'm on the look out for something a little more casual than my trench for when it warms up and I love the leather combination on the sleeve.  It makes it a little different to a plain parka.  My only reserve is that the arm's aren't real leather.  I would have to see it in the flesh to warrant spending that much on a coat with fake leather on!  For a cheaper version, Tesco have one for £28, follow this link.

Zara £99.99


  1. Loving the FCUK dress! And like the coat, you found a long lasting bit of snaz!

  2. French connection dress is lovely.I always make sure I have leopard shoes an belts in my wardrobe but for some reason I never wear it anywhere else...must rectify

  3. French connection dress is lovely.I always make sure I have leopard shoes an belts in my wardrobe but for some reason I never wear it anywhere else...must rectify

  4. Wow - Zara coats have got SO expensive! It's lovely is the one you're wearing. Gosh, your hair is gorgeous - so shiny, enjoy the rest of your weekend, Avril x

  5. Your leopard coat is really flattering - some of them are too bulky and add a few sizes on to the person wearing them but it's nice to see that yours is quite streamlined. Fab for an evening out too. I did find one in the Mango outlet not so long ago for a bargain price but I frightened myself when I walked near a mirror with it and it just looked so not me. I like them on everyone else but the print overwhelms me a bit when it's a big garment like a coat (or maybe I'm just not brave enough).

  6. Joy - rectify asap! A little bit of animal print works a treat!
    Avril - I know! My animal one was about £75 a few years back but with wool content I thought it was a fair price. A faux leather parka for £100 mmmm! Isn't it funny how your own opinion differs, saw these photos and made me want to cut it all off as thought it looked dull and drab!!!!
    Sue - be brave! Maybe it just takes a little adjusting to the eye!
    Hope everyones having a good week-end! x

  7. Oh my goodness, don't cut your hair!! It's beautiful. And as a fellow animal print lover, I really love the coat. It looks great on you.

  8. Don't worry, I'll probably chicken out, I usually do!
    Ah thank you Helen x

  9. Love Love Love this. Have a much less luxe looking leopard print jacket from Primark which I've brought out for the last 5 years. It's not a fad it's a classic.


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