Sunday, 17 February 2013

My Week

I had a meeting in London yesterday so when I had finished I headed straight to the Clinique counter to try their new Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes.  For once minus the kids, I had some time on my hands so when the sales assistant offered to try the product out on me, I thought why not!  If possible it's always advisable to try before you buy so I took my seat.  I had my eye make-up removed and a cream applied before the sticks.  I picked out the Bountiful Beige as a lighter base colour then Whopping Willow (green) as the main shade.  I loved how the product went on, it felt nice on the eye and seemed to be easy to apply.  Deciding to leave it on for a bit then chose a colour, I walked away from the counter.  An hour later I took a look at my eyes and the colour had creased terribly.  Now I'm not sure if it's that it was applied straight after an oily cream or that it's more of a creamy base rather than a powder shadow.  Either way I left empty handed.  I will give it a go another time without removing my powder and report back then.  

Whilst in Milton Keynes last week, I grabbed some of the shop window images to share.  New Look's were both stylish and inspirational.  I love denim shirts at the moment, but fail to find the right one for me.  Monochrome was featured in all three windows, a major SS13 trend.  

New Look - I love how they've dressed this down with the shirt

New Look's monochrome

Great layering from New Look 

TopShop adding in cobalt blue to their monochrome

Miss Selfridge's breton and monochrome window

My wish list item this week, Victoria Beckham's two tone clutch.  I had my hands on this little baby and the black and cream version (which was my favourite) in Harrods.  The quality of the leather was outstanding, and it needed to be at this price.  I loved the simplicity of the design, it was sleek and sophisticated.  One day maybe!
£325 Small Zip Leather Clutch

On a slightly cheaper note, here is Gap's leather clutch.  Not as structured leather as Victoria's (love just calling her Victoria as though I know her....) but for the price, a fair alternative.  I am all for real leather and think this is a very well priced piece.  I arranged that little display for them!

Gap £24.99


  1. Just done a post on the Boden leather clutch I'm after, can't believe the gap ones are leather, that's a great price! Must take a look at them, I was in Gap
    y'day wouldnt have even though to look for bags in it.

  2. Victoria Beckham's clutch is beautiful! That's interesting about the Chubby Sticks, as I'd heard great things about them. It will be interesting to see how it works, when you try it again.

  3. The clutches were in a London store, when I went into one in Milton Keynes they weren't there, so maybe only larger stores. Were very nice leather though if you can get one. x
    Victoria's is lush isn't it! I will definitely try the sticks on again, am hoping it was just the oily base but we will see. x

  4. I've just drafted a monochrome post for tomorrow, I'm loving it right now and one of my daughters has the Topshop Love skirt in your picture. Sass and Bide featured a big envelope yellow clutch on the runway worn with monochrome so that gap one would be a good choice, go for the blue x

  5. Love that you arranged the display of clutches for them in GAP. Are you going for any of them? I love the colours in the VB clutch though - that just screams expensive which I know it will be.

    I can't say anything about the Clinique chubby sticks - I've never tried any of them - basically Ive not tried much make up. Mental note of 2013 is to buy some make up. Second mental note - to wear it.

  6. I love that blue clutch, but nope, I am being good (well kind of, only purchases I absolutely NEED!!!)
    The chubby sticks for lips are brilliant Sue, so easy to use, am on my second one. You literally just apply like a lipstick. Saying that, next post is on a cheaper alternative I've just found!


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