Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sale Shopping Part Deux

I have found some amazing deals-but none in my size so I haven't benefited, I am sharing so you guys can!  Hit Accessorize, leather ballets pumps for £8.40.

Zara leather court shoes.  I think from memory they were between £30-£40 I was getting a little carried away hunting for a 36, I just saw they were in the sale and that was enough love for me!

Just to throw you off the scent of my shoe addiction, a versatile clutch!  I love the colours in this suede one from Zara, neutrals, navy, I think this could work for all seasons.

TK Maxx 'Schutz' £39.99 (not in the sale) but all leather, a beautiful court shoe, I need a 37 so be on the hunt for me please!

Bicester Village had some really great deals.  LK Bennett had a huge sale on and my sister found these two pairs reduced down to £50.  They were over £200 originally and are so well made.   My sister managed to step away from her Nigella book long enough to send me these pictures through.

Marks and Spencer always have a great sale and I've been after these for years now, cashmere joggers.  The hubby thinks they are still a ridiculous amount of money (£99 down to £69 - birthday and Christmas money combined for these lovelies!) but my argument is this; if you can spend money on looking and feeling good for outside of the home for everyone else's benefit, why shouldn't you do the same inside for your own?  My sister bought a pair of Juicy Couture velour jogging bottoms for £19 (Bicester Village again), mine are only 3 and a bit times more and should hopefully outlast hers. And then there's the warmth (had the velor looked as good on my behind as they did on hers I would also have purchased!).  So the tags are still on, the jury's out.  They sold out on line in a jiffy, there was only one pair left in the Milton Keynes store in my size......meant to be? Investment?  They feel like a little peace of heaven on, madness or one of life's little luxuries?  Oh and they are in the charcoal grey colour (more child friendly) and the waist band folds down so they don't look as 'Simon Cowell' as they do on the model!

I will return with my fashion and beauty New Years resolutions once I have finalised them......unless any of you care to share yours so that I can pinch them?!?

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