Monday, 7 January 2013

New Years Resolutions

I am sharing with you my New Years Resolutions in the hope that by making them pubic, I just may stick to them!  I am keeping them short and sweet, small baby steps (I am a Capricorn - I don't do change).

  • Be more experimental with make-up.  Due to having a mere few minutes to throw on some face before the school run, I have got very stayed with what I wear.  After being introduced to Benefit's Browzings (I got the real one for Christmas, for more info, see this post) I feel it has changed the shape of my face.  I'm sure there's plenty more work to be done to better hide the bags and occasional pimples, and on the positive side, to brighten my smile so to speak!
  • More manicures/beauty treatments.  I've said this for a while now but never stick to it.  In my head an item of clothing is 'forever' where as a treatment is a moment in time.  However after having my nails beautifully manicured for over 2 weeks, it made such a difference to how I felt, even if I was just in jeans and a breton top. Image and style isn't just about what you wear, I need to remind myself of this!
  • Get measured!  Nearly a year on from my second child who I breast fed, I still haven't been.  I know I am going to hate being told how small I am so I cheated and bought one new bra in my pre-baby size, oops!  I have to bite the bullet and just crack on with it, good foundations are essential to an outfit. 
  • Read my magazines on time.  I always end up reading weeks/months later and miss out on things!  I need to keep up with the times and what the kids are wearing these days!
Any of you brave enough to share yours so that we can help each other out to achieve them?Please shout at me if I don't report back, I will try my best to mention them as and when (see the PMA there...) I tick these off but hey, I'm a Mum, I'm allowed to be forgetful!


  1. I too want to try and keep some monthly budget aside for pedis and manis. I love doing my own but nothing beats going to the salon for it. I begrudge the amount I spend on my hair every month but I feel a million dollars after having it cut. Other resolutions include joining some kind of book club - for social and reading benefits - and also to get out with the girls more often! Basically find more 'me' time!

  2. It does feel like a proper treat to go and have them done by a professional doesn't it.

    My grey/white is coming through no end so have had to step up the hair dye, I do feel like it's money wasted in some ways but a necessity in others!

    'Me time' - that should go on every ones list, so important! I do yoga once a week, I love it, so nice to leave the house for some quiet stretches! Thanks for sharing, hope you get to join that book club! x

  3. believe it or not i have treated myself to a new Mascara, i know shocking!!! ditto the treatments too, i had a shellac nail treatment 5 days b4 xmas and its only in the last few days that its time to redo it, i love my treatments lady at £15 a pop, Bargain!!!

  4. That should be a necessity!!! I loved my shellac too, lasted just over 2 weeks, my nails grow very fast so the new nail was showing a lot. I definitely preferred it to Bio Sculpture. Reminded me to book my next manicure, thanks! x

  5. Great resolutions! Mine are to get back to Pilates again after a 6 month break, read all the books by my bedside (quite a few!), stealing your magazine one, drink lots of water every day and to remember my eye cream every evening. So far so good - tho it's still January! Avx

  6. Hi Avril, I'm stealing your water one! I go through fazes of remembering to drink loads then slip out of that good routine! Put your eye cream next to your bed with any other creams you apply at night. I make sure before I pick up my book I do my eye, face, lip and hand creams!!! x


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