Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Sale Shopping Tips

I managed to grab a few hours locally in some shops today.  I was very controlled - unusally for me.  I think when I saw some trousers that I had seen in the September mid season sale on sale again, I kind of thought I was being cheated a little.  I picked up, put down, had a bit of the 'couldn't be bothered attitude' so I came away empty handed.  I am a one of those shoppers that if I start shopping, I usually end up with quite a few items, if I refrain, then I try to talk myself into not buying anything I don't really need.  With todays outing in mind, I thought I would share some of my top sale (or even just normal) shopping tips.

Think before you buy (easy to say I know).  If it's clothing, how will it work in your wardrobe, do you really need it or are you being drawn in due to the price tag.

Leading on from this try to ignore the price, don't be lulled by a cheap £4 tag, you need to be able to wear the item regardless of whether its a bargain or not.  Think of all the items you have previously bought due to being cheap but never worn, add all them up, you would be able to afford a luxury garment that you would probably wear and wear.

Sometimes it's worth having a little look on line before you go if you have the time.  It gives you a good idea of what's gone into the sale and which shops are reducing heavily and worth more of your time.

Don't be taken in by the sale sign, look at the discount the shop is offering.  You may be surprised to find some are actually only offering a 10 or 20% discount.

For further discounts, be patient and wait.  Especially if say there are 20 pairs of the same shoes which clearly aren't anyone else's cup of tea apart from yours.  Sales get into full swing after a good couple of weeks.

If you have purchased and don't need to wear it straight away, don't take the tags off and wait a few weeks as items sometimes get reduced further.  If your serious about saving pennies and it's gone down again, return and buy cheaper.  Always check the shops sales terms and conditions before you buy.

Go first thing in the day to avoid the crowds.

For the hardcore sale shoppers, take a packed lunch or at least a snack it will save you time and money.

And finally, buy your Christmas gift wrap and cards now!

Happy sale shopping everyone!

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