Sunday, 20 January 2013

A Cheaper Alternative To Try

As I'm sure you may have guessed by now, I do have a slight obsession with garment compositions (disliking acrylic and loving silk and cashmere).  Sheepskin is another love of mine.  Rugs, Flatout bears, boots, slippers, you get where I'm coming from.  So when Ugg launched their range of earmuffs, I was instantly in love with them.  However, since their launch I have been in debate over 1. the over all look and 2. whether they were a fad.  With an RRP of £75, they weren't cheap so I declined.  However not one to let things lie, when I saw these in Primark much to the amusement of my friends, I thought I would give them a whirl.  Now they were around the £3 mark and my logic was this.  At that price, it was worth a shot to see how much I would wear them, if I didn't, my 6 year old surely would so nothing had been wasted.  If I did wear them, then I would know once and for all if they were worth the investment.

My Primark Earmuffs

So far so good.  Unlike a hat, they don't fluff up my hair and I can wear them when I have my hair in a high ponytail or bun.  They have been really warm, although I haven't worn them for more than 10 minutes at a time, and I can still hear people talking.  I haven't had many compliments (mmmmm?) however I'm not that embarrassed wearing them and fit in well with my 6 year old and her friends, oh dear.  At the moment I feel I would continue to wear them (even after what I've just written!) but it's not been long enough to judge just yet.
Ugg's version, 'the real McCoy' in my opinion!

It would be wrong to compare the quality as there really is no contest, but this wasn't about quality more about whether I would actually wear them.  I am not saying that I will always do this sort of experimental buying, when I know things work for me there is no need to waste time or money seeking cheaper alternatives.  However I think this has been really worth while.  I have now seen some Ugg one's for £30 in the sale, and while I think that at that price they are great value, my Primark one's still have some life in them yet.  So there's always the Summer time to buy them at an even better price.  Until then, I would highly recommend the Primark version as an alternative.

My girls Sheepskin Flatout bears - how gorgeous are these?  


  1. Oh I love them on other people and in photos but every time I try them on, I feel like a numpty! lol. I reckon hang on until the summer and you'll hopefully get them cheap. Or maybe if someone you know is going to the US, they may be cheaper over there. Avx

  2. Yes I agree, that's why I was reluctant to invest. But I am kind of getting over myself now, although I'm not 100% sure so I will wait a little longer. If these are warm though, the Ugg one's must be roasting! x

  3. Hi there. I also have the Primark pair (in white) but I have to confess that I've never worn them. That's not to say that I won't in the future (still waiting for some serious snow here!) but I think if I were investing in an Ugg product, I'd be looking at the gloves instead. Love your blog, by the way. Helen

    1. Thanks Helen! I already have some fab sheepskin gloves that have stood the test of time otherwise yes, I would definitely be after some Ugg gloves also! x

  4. I was just thinking you probably won't need them after this week so you could save yourself a lot of money and spend it on new things for Spring instead. Trust me - I'm always looking ahead!

  5. Sue, I wear bed socks in Summer, I am one cold lady.....!!! I will no doubt buy these for a fraction of the price in the Summer though, so I will hang on!x


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