Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New Years Resolutions Update

I am going to keep on at myself as no one else will, they are my resolutions to fulfill so if I write about them more frequently, hopefully I will succeed more!

1.  Getting measured, well I did.  And to my amazement I wasn't wearing the wrong size just it was far to loose!  After being strapped in properly, my current bra's didn't feel so bad but they are old and pretty much at the end of their life.  I was given a different style to try which fitted so well, but didn't give me the cleavage I was after.  A week later and they went down to £6, so I have purchased but they are currently still sat on the hangers.  I know at 32 I really do need to realise my petite frame up top isn't going to magically grow over night but no one is happy with what they've got, so a push up bra has always been a must for me.  I will let you know if the 'good fit' style ever leave their hangers!

2. Reading my magazines on time.  Well I have a huge back log.  Who throws out old magazines without reading them?  I just can't!  Even a year old big fat glossy mag deserves a quick scan through, you never know what you might find.  I am trawling quite quickly through my 'Style' magazines so I'm hoping in the next month.......

3. Manicures.  I have semi booked one!  Provisionally booked 2 dates whilst I get my head around the child care.  Over a month in advance, how organised!  Next is a free facial voucher I received after buying my Clarins hand cream months ago.  I need to book that one in pronto, my skin needs seeing to.

4. Water (pinched from fellow blogger Avril).  I think this one needs post-it's stuck around the house to remind me.  Is it only me or does anyone else just forget to drink?  Food I never seem to forget, drink, I could go hours upon hours.

5. No experiments with make-up to report on, it's been a busy month so far!

Not make-up but this last week I have been trying Sudocrem on my breakout of blemishes (I would like to say hormonal but in reality, it's down to the chocolate, end of).  I have read about it several times but as I had a pot open for the baby's bum (!) I thought I would give it a go.  I wouldn't say it made them disappear over night like some reviews have suggested but it definitely dried them up quicker so I will be using this little trick again.  It doesn't rub in so well, so you only need a pin head amount but it sits there doing it's job overnight.  I love reading beauty tips like this that I can try without spending any extra pennies.


  1. Every time I get measured I find I'm between sizes. I also have a problem in that I must be one of the few women out there who doesn't want to add to my woefully small bust. I actually quite like being smallish or maybe I've just got used to it - a bit like getting used to being short. And you're only 32 - my goodness - you are but a child. I have many years on you!

    I drink lots of Earl Grey - will that count as drinking water? There's water in it!

  2. I thought I had gone down after feeding the second child, but no (weird as definitely seems like I have).
    That's not a problem - good for you! The one thing I do like is that I am a tummy sleeper which I am told isn't too comfy if your bigger up top!
    Ah thanks, I don't feel like a child though, very haggard at the moment! And I doubt that Sue, I've seen your pictures young lady.....
    Yes, I think that does??x

  3. Like Sue, I also drink lots of tea, but it's green tea which I've convinced myself is as good as water. Unlike Sue, I'm not remotely happy with my lack of cleavage, so am a devotee of the push-up bra!! Well done on your NY resolutions ... if I'd stuck to mine I'd be half a stone lighter by now :( Helen

    1. Oh I'm sure Green tea counts!
      Glad I'm not alone on the cleavage front!
      I still have a long way to go - it's only January! But I have confirmed my manicure today - for March!!
      I wanted to make them small resolutions so I kept to them, but also that they will 'improve me' so to speak. I felt if I shared them on here I kind of had no choice but to do my best to follow through. x

  4. I don't have any new years resolutions, I don't bother any more! I know I should do all the things you mention but know I won't. Useless.

    1. I usually don't last a week with mine but I'm challenging myself this year! x
      (off to down a glass of water....)

  5. Sudocrem is an absolute must have in my press and only for spots. I have always had rubbish skin, spot always, and even in my late 30's they are ever present. Not enough, water, sleep and too much wine are my causes.
    Its good to drink a lots of water. Put a dash of warm water in the cold to make it luke warm if its too cold this time of year!

    1. Love the dash of luke warm water idea, thanks! x


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