Thursday, 4 October 2012

To Louboutin or not to Louboutin....

Fashion/Style dilema people!  Those who understand my shoe & handbag obsession, may well know a pair of Christian's has been on my wish list for a while now.  Having the pleasure of trying some on recently, I am left in a state of indecision.  1)  Are they worth it & 2) Plain or animal?  If anyone has a pair and and opinion, please feel free to share!  I keep thinking I could get 4 other very well made pairs down at Bicester Village for the price of one pair of them, but then they won't be by Mr Christian Louboutin will they?!

PS I have a savings pot, this is not a decision I am taking lightly or making quickly once the pot is full.......


  1. Are they leather lined? Is the actual shoe construction really worth paying a monthly mortgage payment for? Just imagine getting that heel caught in the pavement or skuffed up!
    For what it's worth the animal ones are different, will always be a classic... am struggling with justifying the cost... who really sees the sole?

  2. Yes, all leather. I think all shoes are an investment....!! But yes, I would cry like a baby if I skuffed them but then life's too short for what if's don't you think?
    It's more about me knowing about the soles! But after a recent trip to Bicester Village it is pushing me towards just 1 pair of fab heels at a fraction of the cost, after all, I am all about the discount!
    Depends what mood I wake up in, today, they are a no go...tomorrow, who knows! Thanks for your opinion though, it all helps (and the husband is pleased with you!) x

  3. I think I've just guessed who this is - T???!!! x

  4. Wrong.... AND those types of shoes are only an investment if they stay in the box unworn for a few decades... I wonder if they would last as long as a pair of Clarks).

  5. Oooh, intrigued!
    Clarks Smarks, I wanna buy now just to be naughty!!!! x

  6. I'd go with the blacks seeing as you have the D&G animal print ones. And when i say go, i mean go, go get them now!! I have the black ones - love them (though they did kill my feet the other night!) and feel pretty special when I wear them. If you're good the rest of the year, then one splurge won't hurt. Just don't tell the hubby I said that! xx

  7. Get the Louboutins...there is nothing like knowing you own a pair (I have just one pair and I covet them). Sadly they have got scuffed, but not too badly and they are nude; so I guess to be expected; but I LOVE them. I maybe shallow but hey ho! And red paint just doesn't cut it! ;-)

  8. I love the nude ones! 18 months on from this post and I still haven't invested in any but you've just reminded me......I may need to change that some time soon. Looking at the above pictures again makes me think the black are boring. Plus I bought the most amazing pair of suede black ones in the January sale from Bally Switzerland so I'm done with black. But those animal I'm also thinking the nude! Thank you for your comment x


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