Friday, 24 August 2012

Don't be fooled, check the label!

Using my blog as a voice to rant today!  Inspired by an email I've just seen, I have always had a thing about garment compositions.  I blame my parents entirely as they sent me out to work at a young age (sob...) and my first Saturday job was at a handbag and leather shop, need I say more, the obsession began.  Hence I have a thing about leather, always have, always will, I don't like plastic!

I just don't get it, top end High Street companies selling a sandal for £40, down to £15 in the sale, bargain I think.  I look into them further, plastic!  No other word for it, lets not big it up with fancy words, it is plastic!  Then you have lower end High Street selling leather sandals yearly for as little as £12 in the sale (less sometimes).  Why use man made on a higher end brand which wont last as long, look cheaper and ultimately are worse for our feet - you've guessed it, pennies!  It infuriates me that brands think they can use their name to sell, but then judging by the thousands of shoes left in their sale, buying cheep materials (buy cheep, buy twice!) obviously hasn't upped their sales.  I can't tarnish everyone with the same brush but it is just getting more common, and lets face it, if New Look and Primark can use a natural material like leather, why on earth can't more brand heavy names do the same?

Be careful people, make sure you check the the labels carefully, look after those feet of yours, you only get one pair!


  1. I totally agree. I just bought a little pair of H&M courts after looking through Kurt Geiger's range and noticed the pair that I was interested in were £90 and manmade and not leather. I don't mind that a shoe isn't leather, I do mind paying a lot if it isn't.

  2. Exactly! I don't understand how they can justify the price tag!


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