Sunday, 1 May 2011

Easy does it...

Slowly slowly the shopping mojo is coming back. Unsuccessful trip to Westfield but managed to purchase something from my local River Island, this tunic and scarf. Not ashamed to admit the scarf is from the kid's section! But it's my favourite symbol & half the adult price version! Yes, the tunic may look a little bland in the picture but with the scarf and leggings (and the buttons un-done!) I think it's a great alternative day look to my usual jeans and long sleeve tee. Must say I was pleasantly surprised at River Island. They seem to have a great mix for everyone at the moment, and at £19.99 I really think it was a fair price for this tunic. The scarf was £5.99 (only £2 more than a Primark scarf!). They have their deals of the week with selected items at a reduced cost but overall their prices weren't bad at all. I found it refreshing and inspiring (hence, I actually bought something!) So shop of the week for me goes to River Island!

That's all this week folks! I aim to be purchasing a lot more to fill you in on, but at least I've started! Maybe I was putting too much pressure on a 1 shop wonder, latest purchase was done in my lunch break! Little and often for me maybe, just like my eating habits! Going to try and get to Bicester Village next. As the high street have upped their prices, may as well see what the designer outlet can offer!

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