Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Fashion lesson from a 4 year old

Since my move, I have well and truly slacked off on the style front, it’s been all about my home. I am still getting my daily fashion emails through and my weekly magazine but while I am re-jigging my wardrobe, am not really putting much effort into my appearance.
It’s all very well seeing amazing outfits and having got myself well and truly addicted to the Kardashian’s programmes, it makes me want to dress up even more. However, I just can’t see me doing school runs & cleaning in my ‘best’ clothes. Hence why I am in jeans, long sleeved tees or leggings with tunics most of the time. My part time job is the only opportunity to really play around with some fun accessories or wear something a little less boring, but then trying to get us all out the house this has even slackened off.
I have seen some trousers in Miss Selfridge above, which I love, and think would be a smart casual alternative to jeans. My trouble is I know I will change as soon as I get in the door to my joggers to clean or do the garden. So then I question if it’s worth even putting them on for the few hours I do the school run and Tesco shop before I get in!
Not only that, I am finding my good old firm high street fav’s have upped their prices and reduced their quality so it’s made my fashion mojo even more lost. My 4 year daughter on the other hand has well and truly upped the ante in the fashion stakes. Several changes a day, she doesn’t question if it’s worth ‘dirtying’ a new outfit purely for the home (on the other hand, she doesn’t do the washing!). She talks of what colours go with what, picks different hair accessories, changes her handbags – it’s like we’re in the midst of the ‘Freaky Friday’ set where the mother and daughter swap bodies! Maybe I can learn a lesson from my fashion savvy, fearless daughter. I have veered towards just thinking too much!
So, my plan Stan. A good old fashioned shopping trip – minus the too smart for her age child. Some time all about me and my love of shops and clothes. Westfield London, me and you need a date! Secondly, a well organised closet. I need to get stuck in there and root through what I have. Out with the old, in with the new as they say. And not just my clothes either, everything needs a shake up, refresh and organise. Found this great little draw tidy to organise my make-up in from Ikea, when it’s back in stock, make-up box is having a clear out too! Wish me luck, I hope to be back to my old self in no time!

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