Monday, 11 October 2010

Wish List October 2010!

Grey Skinny jeans - fed up with blue jeans!

Silk vest top to go with my lush New Look Limited Edition skirt above! New Look is NOT just for kids as I've heard some people say. Yes, there are some not so great stores around, but on-line is fab! Thinking Asos for a silk vest to tuck in as this skirt sits slightly higher on my hips. Getting my Christmas party outfit ready, start thinking about it now, don't leave it till the last minute. Have already booked my manicure! Let me know if you need help hunting for things, my favourite past time!

Louboutins - a next year/sale purchase me thinks!

Denim shorts - for my winter summer holiday, struggling now, may have left to late!

Tapered trousers - that dont make my bum look big! Always put off trouser shopping, I have none apart from jeans! Really want a slighter smarter look than leggings and tunics for work. Tops are too easy to find for me, I need to spend more time on my bottom half! There will be something out there, I have every faith!

Caterina Lucchi handbag - from TK Maxx. Stunning Italian leather, lush cream/stone colour for every day. I need need need!!!

New under eye concealer - finding my current Lancome one is now not good enough for my dark circles!

Smart shorts for an evening out - with pockets on the bum (can't be pocketless in that area, only enhances it on me for some reason!)

New silver hoop earings - a friend kindly pointed out I have been wearing an odd pair for goodness knows how many years, oops! Found some at Portabello Market but would only accept cash and no machines near by. I now can't find any decent ones for under £15, so am holding out. Silver is cheap and am not going to be ripped off!

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