Thursday, 14 October 2010

Glamrosie's Top 10 Christmas Tips!

A stressful time for most, so lets get organised early and enjoy it! Here's my top 10 things to help you stay on top of it all and have a glamorous Christmas!

1. Start looking into your Christmas party outfit NOW! Don't leave it until the last minute. If you can't get out to the shops, use the web. There are loads of free delivery offers and return to store so no need to worry about postage costs. I have my skirt (see previous blog) so am on the hunt for a top and accessories now. No time like the present!

2. Get your Christmas present lists for people ready. Even if you just write down the names of who you have to buy for. Keep it with you, you never know what you might find on your Tesco's shop!

3. Book your appointments now. Your haircut, manicure, waxing etc. Come December, everywhere will be fully booked and you don't want to miss out!

4. Keep a box in the garage of things you pick up for Christmas on your travels. I already have a huge red candle I'm saving, some duck pate, mulled red wine, gingerbread, Christmas tea towels (yes, am a huge Christmas fan!). Just pop things in when you find them, then come December you have less to buy!

5. Babysitters/In laws - book them up now for your party's! One less thing to worry about nearer the time.

6. Your own Christmas list. Now some people might not like this, but I think it's handy for those people who have no idea what to buy you. I don't have a huge list, all I do is save up the books, Cd's, DVDs I would like from September onwards (Amazon wish list!) and put them on a list. Makes everyones life easier and no money is wasted on a gardening book that won't be used!

7. Catalogues - pick them up on your travels now. Start circling ideas for people, write against your present list to remind you when your out and about.

8. Theatre or panto - if you want to get your family really into the Christmas spirit, book now!

9. Budget - set yourself a realistic one for presents. Write it next to each person. I am a 'lots of little bits and bobs' present buyer, so I write my total then deduct what I've spent going along. If you want to make your life easier (I tend not to go for this option with regards to presents.....) then just get the 1 gift for the whole budget, wrap and be done with it!

10. New Years & any other Party's near Christmas - I'm not going crazy! But in my family we have 5 birthdays straight after Christmas. I like to pick some things up in sales but if at least I have made a start then I don't feel so stressed. Just have an idea what you would like to do re NYE if your a party goer. Start now, less rush later on!

And remember, let me help! I love present shopping, so if your stuck for idea's, email me with a brief description of the person and will start looking for them too! Re putting together outfits - favourite past time! Shout me when you need a hand!

Dress shown by Warehouse The Exclusive 10 collection

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