Friday, 1 October 2010

Winter Boots

debvn asks Glamrosie via Twitter; what about boots this winter? Long or short?

Now I am a HUGE fan of Ugg's - but real ones, not the fakes that slouch so much you look like your walking on the side of the boot, be kind to your feet people! If you don't own a pair, get with it! Shudoo have 15% off at the mo is you enter vc1015, not sure for how long though. Or Bicester Village now have an outlet shop.

Enough on them, I could go on forever, have 4 pairs and I know I will buy more! As for height, that really depends on you. For me, as I am short (5ft3), I can really only do a taller boot if they have a heel on. Dune are great for this taller, well structured and made leather boot. I am currently on the look out though for a short flat boot to wear as a slightly smarter alternative to my Ugg's. Found a great pair of 'biker' style short leather boots in Gap. Black and brown, but I am still not convinced as feel a little like puss in boots with them on!

The other boot to try is a shoe boot. See earlier blog on the M&S ones I love. The grey ones look fab with skinny jeans but also dressed up with black tights and a dress. If you want to make you legs look longer, opt for the black ones with the black tights. The lace up style is very now!

You will also see a lot of the below lace up style about. I think these can look fab on certain people. Give them a go if they are your cup of tea, they are very on trend and look comfy but they just don't work on me.

Colour wise, I don't wear black knee high boots, you would see me coming a mile off. I opt for softer colours like grey, stone, tan. I think they wear better and for me, go with more of my wardrobe.

Remember, Fashion is for now, Style is forever. Go with what works for you and your shape. The high street has so much to offer now, spend time trying on different styles. Then once you have a better idea, use the web. Asos, Aldo, River Island, Topshop to name but a few, all have great footwear collections. Don't forget New Look - their website is fab and they do sell good leather boots! Check out the brown ones below, yes, they are from New Look! Last 2 images are some that I am thinking of trying, but waiting for the 20% off voucher to work online next week! Let me know how you get on!

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