Thursday, 30 September 2010

Winter Coats - for Gemma!

Gemma ask's Glamrosie; I need a new one and could do with some tips!

GR; Always look at material content (great habit to get into), don't think you won't know your stuff, you will. We all know Wool keeps us warm so make sure there is some in the jacket your buying! A mix is fine, but I personally wouldn't go for less than 50% wool if I was buying a Winter to keep the cold out.

Now, style. Military is very in right now (you'll start to notice all the brass buttons now I've told you!) but for you Gemma, you are a working Mum, you have to grab your coat and run, no time for loads of buttons. I am suggesting a trench style (belted) for you. You can quickly slip on and tie the belt in a knot and away you go. As you are blessed with more up there than me (!) this style will also flatter you. Don't go for a double breasted coat (see New Look example above, although this is a fab buy in the sale at £24.99 - with wool, for all you smaller chested ladies out there). This style would just make you look bigger on top than bottom which you don't want. Don't go for a long mac as you are petite. Think just below the bum, sinch in the waist with a belt, then a nice colour scarf to keep the neck warm and brighten up a blocked colour coat.

Next and New Look do great belted mac's if you are looking for a lighter weight coat.

The following may give you some idea as to what I feel may suit you, hope they help. Let me know how you get on!

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