Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Stress Reducing Foods

Just read a great little article from marieclaire.co.uk (always sign up to magazine websites, fab short articles emailed daily!). Now if your a busy working Mummy like me and trying to be a Yummy one (!) at the same time, stress hits you daily! Here James Duigan (new book out Clean & Lean Diet) share his best stress fighting foods;

Avocado - contains good fat that lowers blood pressure (in turn stress levels). Try on an oatcake.

Nuts - helps immune system and contain Vit B which lower stress levels. Handful a day.

Berries - Vit C which helps stress (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries etc) and contains fibre which level out blood sugar levels (these fluctuate when your stressed).

Dark Green Veg - again more vitamins which the body needs in times of stress.

Turkey - contains an amino acid which releases serotonin (calming feel good hormone), apparently also has a soothing affect on the body which can help you sleep better!

Happy munching!

PS and a naughty little one from me, chocolate also releases serotonin, be good to your body, go organic, a little square in times of need!

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