Thursday, 16 September 2010

What Body Shape Am I?

I promise to write a proper, brief and to the point blog on this soon, as a dear friend of mine is struggling. Here in an email conversation, I gave some advise, even though at work, I couldn't leave her hanging!

B; I've been trying to sort out my clothes etc and what to wear for my shape, but there are loads of different things on shapes of bodies. I think I may be hourglass (as I have boobs and hips but my waist does go in, but not that much so I'm not sure!!) I suppose there are lots of variations of shapes.

Then I want to work out what is best to wear for my shape.

Any good websites you know of?

GR;I always found Trinny & Susannah the best reference guide for shapes, they have actually done one specifically on shapes now; The Body Shape Bible. (Order via Nectar then onto the Amazon site and earn points!)
£7.50 paperback, £8.99 hardback.

Gok is great to watch on TV - his 'How to look good naked show'(he also has books out, follow highlighted link).

For this sort of thing I like books to have right in front of me, like a partner to go through my wardobe with, or to sit & watch a pro like Gok & how he works it out on the TV.

It takes time, and even when you know your shape, sometimes, there will be a spanner in there and something completely not meant to be for you will work, so always try try try on! They say every time you go into a changing room, you should always take something you completely wouldn't pick up, as you never know! I tried on a Kate Moss for Topshop Limited Edition dress last year, really figure hugging - so wouldn't wear normally as am very hippy (true Pear shape!), but the sequins over it completely worked for me & not only did I love it, felt great in it too! Also another dress that so wasn't me was (yes, another!) Limited Edition dress from New Look. Adore silk as a fabric as love the rich texture & way it falls but the print & cut of this dress (tad more baggy on top) was not me. However everyone I showed it to said it really worked, so I tried it, 18 months on, still love it! Wore it to a wedding reception the other night & brought it up to date a bit more with some bargain nude gladiator heels!

Practising with shapes makes perfect! Get the book, read it, digest it, learn it! Then I will come over and help!

Sorry, was supposed to be a quick email but i get carried away!!!xxxxxxxxxxxx

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