Thursday, 9 September 2010

Nail Polish Remover

Ok, so I've been asked via my Twitter account for advise on a good nail polish remover. My good old Mum, as always, got me into Mavala. I've used the blue (acetone) one for a while now then ran out. Went and bought a cheap 99p one, it took forever to get my polish off, so back to good, reliable Mavala it was. This time I opted for the pink one as it is acetone free. Acetone isn't fab for your nails (think paint thinner kind of stuff) however if not used regularly, it is fine. It does make the nails dry or brittle so regular use if you paint your nails all the time, isn't advisable, so swap to a none acetone one. Red polish is frustratingly annoying to remove, it does take a second wipe over. Mavala is so good though, if you hold it on the nail for a few seconds then wipe, majority of it is off. Again, Mavala is available online, in larger Boots, department stores (Debenhams, John Lewis) and most of the time in small independent pharmacies. It's worth spending a couple of pounds more on a better quality remover to look after your nails. Hope that helps!


  1. Thanks so much for responding to my Twitter post to you. This is really helpful and i will definatley be going out to get some Mavala.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. No problems at all, happy to help. Please pass on, I welcome all questions and enjoy the challenge of sourcing things for people too.


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