Sunday, 5 September 2010

Fake Christian Louboutin's

Felt the need to do a quick blog on this. Just read an article about the above. Now, I may be just being naive, but what I read never really entered my head as a possibility. I have, I will admit, considered purchasing fake Louboutin's. I am not a massive labels person (well ok, slightly more that the average maybe!) but I do like the big ones like Christian! Handbags, I just couldn't consider a fake for some reason, but shoes like these, possible. Until now. An undercover investigation in South East China exposed a factory, complete with child labour, producing fake Louboutin's. Kid's sticking the famous red sole to the bottom's of shoes, £20 for 90 hours work. 14 hours a day, with just 1 day off a month says a 15 year old girl. Enough said, I think you get the jist. Think before you buy! I would rather save and pay the full amount for a pair of shoes, knowing they came from a trusted back ground. Go to Harrods, enjoy the whole experience of picking your designer shoes, pay the price and know that you are getting a real hand stitched pair and be proud of yourself!

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