Thursday, 16 September 2010

Odds & Sods!

Just a few snippet bits of stuff, so thought I'd do all in 1 blog!

Make sure you follow me on Twitter! I update every day with the latest discount, tips, clothes I've found & photographerd to share! Am under Glamrosie on there too. It's free and easy to join and if your nosey and like celebs, it's great for that too!

Make sure you grab New Looks latest free mangazine. Voucher in there for 20% off between 23/9-10/10.

Don't forget to check out (if you follow me on Twitter, you would have seen this tweet already!). Absolutely gutted that I missed out on the Christian Louboutin sale, up to 40% off most. Some great styles too, sign up to get their newsletter (I so am now!) so as not to miss out like me! They responded to my tweet and there are more Louboutin sales coming!

Check out my Ebay site for one off sales of fab items. Currently a lush brand new Patrick Cox handbag on offer. £235 RRP, starting price £39.99! When ever I list items such as this, I will always blog and Tweet about them, so get in there first! Ends Sunday 19th September 8pm!

Went to investigate a new under eye concealer today. Been told I need to treat my tired, dark circled eyes not just conceal them (by 3 different colsultants!). I guess the time has finally come, age is taking effect (or the nasty stork who dropped me off a bad sleeper of a child) so am now off to investigate a new eye cream also! Will update you on my finds!

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