Sunday, 12 May 2019

Why Hello There!

Long time no speak/write?!?!  I won't bore you with life stuff - it just gets in the way sometimes doesn't it?  But as it's nearly a year since I last posted, I thought, what the heck, just pop on, say hi and plonk a few pictures on here to show you something pretty and that I'm still alive! I'll admit (and I think I've done previously), I post far more frequently on Instagram but more so than ever now,  I'm fully aware it's not everyones cup of tea - and I totally get that.  So I'm trying again to remember to take photos for here as well as the square ones for Insta.

Apart from the usual life saga's, there's been a name change for my little styling business.  It was a long time coming, it didn't represent what I did but I'm terrible with change so it didn't come easy to me.  For now, this is still GlamRosie as I can't get my head around transporting it to a new name - one thing at a time!

Clothes wise I do feel like I'm evolving as I'm nearing 40 in 18 months - I hope you are still trying some new looks too.  It is so easy to get caught up in jeans isn't it, especially as a busy Mum but always push yourself to try something new.  As a petite little lady maxi styles are something I've always struggled with.  I have persevered though and found this gorgeous midi style in H&M recently.  I'm not a huge H&M shopper despite them being very much on form for most people right now.  I struggle with their quality and sizing but this dress really really made me feel good. The colour, the elastic where it needed to be (!), the femine and flattering length on me and the tiers so that it didn't hang like a sack.   

Red/Floral H&M Dress £24.99
Fairly tempted by the pink as well!
I also tried on this cotton white blouse for £12. It was big on the shoulder but so pretty and floaty. I'm really not in the market for one as I have um, a small (!) selection already but if you can carry extra width on the shoulders, go for it!

I've also started using a shops App in store - have you tried them?  I've used Zara, New Look, H&M and Topshop.  You can scan an items barcode to see if it's available online in your size, or save to your favourites for payday or order online if there's a discount (Topshop had 20% off online only!).  It's so handy.

That's it from me, short and sweet - in all senses!  Below is what I wore for a brief trip to the shops.

Shacket; Topshop
Breton; Boden
Jeans; Gap
Boots; & Other Stories
Bag; Balenciaga

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