Sunday, 12 January 2014

My Wardrobe Edit & The Topshop & Boden Purchase's

This blog was supposed to be my 'Cashmere Edit' but it's missing some pieces that are in the wash so instead I thought I'd share with you some top tips when clearing out your wardrobe.  You may think that by doing it for a living my wardrobe is flawless but that is just not the case.  Like most clients I work with, other area's of your life just take over and what you end up with is a wardrobe that is neglected and a few items worn over and over again.  I'm as guilty as the rest for not regularly going through it.  I'm not sure if it's having my birthday straight after Christmas that does it, but that time of year always makes me want to clear out and do a 'Spring Clean'.  The whole house is undergoing a blitz at the moment.  We do have both my daughters birthdays straight after Christmas as well so with all the presents, it just highlights the need for a sort through even more. 
  • My first and probably most important tip is if it's been a while then get a friend (or me!) in to help.  My sister was home from Ireland over the festive period so I tugged her away from the kids, sat her with a cup of tea on my bed, shut the door and off we went.  I can't tell you how much of a difference it makes having another pair of eyes.  To start with you may find you disagree on some items, so set aside a 'maybe' pile.  Then there's the definite 'why is that in there' and the definite 'where has this been hiding, it needs to see life' items.
  • Take a break.  You will get complacent and either bin the lot or nothing purely because sometimes you just need to step away.
  • General rule of thumb, if it's not been worn in a year, see you later.  There are of course some exceptions (dresses that are reserved for special occasions etc).
  • If you don't do it all in one sitting then make sure you read some magazines for clothing inspiration in-between your edits.  You may see a few more ideas after a good 'cleanse' of what you have and also get yourself more prepared for what you want your wardrobe to look like.
  • Go back to the 'maybe's' either later (if your friend is still willing!) or best, another day.  I've just gone through the 3 items I had down as a 'maybe'.  The silk shirt stayed, I was just in that mood of 'get rid', the black jumper dress went, it was just too long and the embellished green vest stayed, it's cute and I still like it!
  • Box away high seasonal items such as bikinis, sarongs, hats, scarfs & gloves if you don't have the wardrobe space to keep them out.  Then twice a year, rotate.  
  • Remember, there are ways to make money from your items.  Ebay, car boot, a clothes 'swishing' party (swapping your unwanted clothes) and my recent local discovery a 'rag bag' bin kind of place,  these places pay by bulk and weight.  You won't get as much but sometimes it's better to get rid, gain a few pennies and still know you are helping a charity.  
Now I was fairly ruthless this time round.  My husband was a tad shocked as it was rammed before and after there is at least a third of the rail free.  This means only one thing, I need to replace some items……….

The gap!
As much as I have had a good clear out of this rail, I will be honest and share that there is another wardrobe (mainly outerwear, seasonal, sports, boots) and a shelving unit still to edit.  However my main rail was the one in serious need as that's the one I use daily.  Since I did it I have been very clear as to the missing items in my life!  Trousers (no more jeans), skirts (few 'party' but mainly day wear), dresses (day wear) and Summer tops are all needed.  After my Gap sales haul in this post, I have only purchased a Topshop shirt which although is more Summer, I may just wear it under a jumper now.  Also a Boden top,  this was an absolute bargain and I would have paid for it even if I didn't have a gift voucher.  I love the bright colour.  (for the clever regular readers, I haven't counted the 'shoes' purchases from my previous post, they were birhtday shoes and have been told they don't count ok?)

Topshop £26 down to £12
Boden £59 down to £17.70 (not as neon as the image suggests!) 
I have done a few online orders over the week-end so I will see what those bring.  Zara and Topshop have marked down again and if you are lucky, you may pick up a gem in the Marks & Spencer sale (silk cushions £30 down to £10!).  Happy sale shopping!


  1. I REALLY need to do this - I cannot fit one more single coat hanger in my wardrobe(s).

    I shall crack on with that today and see how far I get - wish me luck!

  2. Oh well done you and great tips - I've never had someone help me but actually on reflection, I think that's an ace idea because we are clouded sometimes by the emotions we had when we bought something or the price we paid!
    Loving the Boden top - and I really want it for a little peep but no buying...honest! Ax

  3. I sort my wardrobe twice a year at seasonal changeover time and ebay what is not required or hasn't been worn for ages. I've still lived to regret things I haven't worn for over a year and sold, you just never know!

  4. I had a good clear out before Xmas and need to do the same again before Spring arrives - I have so many things that get shoved to the back of the closet that get forgotten - I need to pass those on to charity. LOVE the Boden top - you will look great in it with your coloring!

  5. Hope you had a productive day Fiona! It's quite 'cleansing' in a funny kind of way.
    Sooo clouded Avril, everyone needs a little help at times. They don't have my colour way left but they do have others.
    Sharon - you are too good!
    Thanks Joanna, can't wait to wear it either. Now when does Winter finish??!?

  6. Great post - I really need to do the same and I especially need to go through and decide what's missing from my wardrobe and buy sensible things that I'll actually wear. Thanks for the inspiration! I have loads of office wear in my wardrobe too from before I had a baby but now I'm not going back to work I don't know what to do with it!


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