Thursday, 23 March 2017

A Quick Mothers Day Idea

I'm leaving it late to share this I know but I didn't plan to write this post then realised I couldn't leave it unsaid!  And where there's a will, there's a way so there's still every chance you can get one in time.  Be it for yourself or your Mum, I highly recommend a Roberts radio.  Now I featured one on my Valentines gift guide and my husband decided to pay full attention (second year running, the candle was last year) so I blatantly need to keep these posts up, even if for my own benefit. 

Roberts Revival iStream 2 £219.95
Initially I didn't push my luck and just opted for the mini one but he did some research as as we don't have great signal in the village decided to go for the internet radio option.  This is the most expensive however if you aren't fussy then you can buy refurbished ones direct from Roberts here (£131.99 for the above model).  My first one was in the duck egg blue and not only was it not the colour I would have chosen (bless him, he can't get it 100% right but he got 100% for effort!) but was also not working properly.  Roberts were brilliant at arranging a courier collection then shipping another out to me. 

I love that it's portable.  I'm not one for bluetooth and connecting it to my phone, we have a Bose speaker for that but it kept driving me mad that when I used my phone it would interfere with the connection, I just wanted a good old radio.  

There are 3 sizes/specs, this was the smallest and one I wanted originally but if you can stretch to the above I would recommend it - needs dependent!

£149.95 brand new via John Lewis or £89.99 for a refurbished one here 
And on a last note (this isn't a sponsored post at all, I was just browsing John Lewis and as they're service is so good I know you can get it in time) this Selfish Mother range donates a portion of the sale to charity so it's an ethical purchase too!

Because as Mothers, we so are aren't we!  £50 via John Lewis 
£35 via John Lewis 
£10 via John Lewis 

Happy Mothers Day to all us Mummy's!

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