Sunday, 5 February 2017

Valentines Hints For Your Other Half

If, like my husband, your's trully heads to Tesco the week before Valentines day and buys tut - then send him a link to this blog! Last year I not so subtly suggested to my dear husband not to waste his pennies as I really did have enough heart tea towels, candle holders etc from the Mecca that is Tesco. I instead said there was a very special candle I would love (ok, yes, it was pricey but I'm worth it and the fact he didn't have to take a lunch break and could order it from the comfort of his desk was blatantly worth every penny). Queue my limited edition Valentines Diptyque candle. It was only the little one but I loved it even if he thought it was a waste of money! So here's some idea's to send your partners (and mine's!) way.

Emma Bridgewater Personalised Cocoa Mug from £22.95.  Because who doesn't love a proper heart mug - this is the exception to the rule - Tesco mugs don't come close, this one is completely acceptable (as are all other EB gifts thank you very much).

Silver & diamond heart bracelet from Links of London, £150.  Just in case your beloved fancies splashing the cash this Valentines day!
I love a heart plate.  This set of 4 is only £12.99 from TK Maxx
Personally you can't go wrong with flowers and this gorgeous bouquet can be pre-ordered now from Beards & Daisies for £44.99
A Boden heart breton top - a romantic classic!  Currently on sale for £27.65
This years Limited Edition candle for Valentines from Diptyque.  The larger one is £48 from John Lewis.  There is a smaller one at £28 but it's currently sold out with them.  

John Lewis really do have the best gift guide section (here) - I absolutely love this!  £149.99, a pricier Valentines gift but one for everyone to enjoy the benefits of too right?!!?
Possibly the most I've laughed at a film, ever!  £9.99 from HMV
I was lucky enough to be sent this Luna fragrance to sample last year and I've been waiting for the perfect time to share it on here - this seems to be the post!  Now I'm not one to go all out on perfume.  I don't wear it every day, sometimes I forget to put it on.  For me it does feel like a little bit of a luxe treat.  The packaging and bottle of this makes it even more so.  My little bottle of 'special'.  It's vintage apothecary look is gorgeous and the floral scent light enough for day where, it isn't over powering.  This is a real treat and something I wouldn't buy for myself so a perfect gift.  It's name also represents a mythical love story (read about it here) so it really is a scent for Valentines! 
Penhaligons Luna fragrance £134

Whilst browsing their website I also spotted two of my favourite scents below so I thought I'd share these too in case something more traditional is for you and easier to receive knowing you'll like that scent.

Gardenia & Orange Blossom both £97 

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